A very quick search on Alexa turned up this:

Statistics Summary for abetterbewrite.com
Abetterbewrite.com is ranked #16,359,056 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings, and the site is based in the US. The site has been online for at least seven years.

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If I were shopping for a small publisher to give me international exposure, this ranking would not entice me. Esp. from a seven-year-old publisher. I have not looked yet at specific books from them on Amazon, so that would be next. Taken across a spectrum of books, very large Amazon rankings (in the millions) can indicate books that have only sold one or two copies. By extension, that can also hint that a publisher is not doing very much to market said books.

Ayanna, I wish you the best of your experience with this publisher, and hope I hear great things about your work. If the comments in this forum can seem really harsh, it's because AW members have seen too many publisher meltdowns over the years.