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I am not being charged a dime by them. I did pay for my own editor, an old teacher, but nothing was paid to Argus. I got a great deal with them, and already am seeing a large interest in my book, and its not even released yet. I feel Argus is doing a great job, I have been so happy with them. I had worked with a larger publisher 10 years ago and was not happy, I would of basically sold all my book rights to them, and would of had no say in the cover or anything else. Argus is different I get say in EVERYTHING that goes on with my book. I have been in constant connections with them for the past year or so, and am extremely happy. I think just like anything else, you just need to find what fits and works for you. So those that dont feel that Argus is doing them good, then feel free to look elsewhere. Argus is giving me the chance to become something bigger and do go on to bigger things, I am very pleased with them!
A commercial publisher (I assume that's what you mean by larger) tried to buy all rights to your book? I'd say you were smart not to go with whatever company that was, but I'm not sure it's reflective of how commercial publishers typically work. (More experienced members here will chime in, I'm sure.)

The question in any of these background check threads is always, "Is this a good place for authors to submit?" If people see a bunch of red flags, of course you're going to see those pointed out.

Look in threads for companies that people would recommend, and you'll see lots of positive comments, often followed by posts on how long it typically takes to hear back on a submission.

The positive/negative tone all depends on the company in question.