I was not satisfied with my rough draft for a nonfiction book, so I hired Penn, which claims to use bestselling writers who have produced ghostwritten books for at least ten major NYC houses, if they would re-write my mansucript and punch it up. I paid $22,000 and found out late in the project that the ghostwriter I was given was getting 20% of the fee while Penn was taking 80%. The result was no better than my original manuscript. The ghostwriter I was assigned was a bestseller only in the sense that she had written a book that made the top ten books listed in a small town newspaper. I learned too late that the definition of "best selling" is apparently relative. I have asked repeatedly to be put in touch with the owner of Penn, but after six months and a song and dance routine, I get no response at all from the ghostwriting company. Agents have told me that the manuscript has nothing to recommend it. My lawyer tells me that the contract is pretty "tight" but that the Penn Group might still be liable for providing misleading information and/or deceptive advertising (as if I have money left for legal fees). I got bamboozled. Next time I'll join a writers' group at a community college. Has anyone else had trouble with this company or am I the only sucker?