Nandi said:
My capacity for staying enthusiastic about seeking representation is waning.[/quote]

That's where I find myself, too. In fact, the whole exercise is so loathsome I can't get started!

The odds against a first book being picked up by a traditional publisher are LONG and it's demoralizing to assume your work is bad just because no one is biting. That's why I say, why not get some good out of it and share with some people who will say nice things and not worry about fame and fortune.

I should add that this is only my SECOND book. I attended a writer's conference last year where a man shared that he had written 10 "practice" books. I was absolutely floored. Some time later I heard he sold his tenth "practice" book, so his approach worked.

We all probably need to be as sanguine and persistent as Galyon Greer, the man who wrote 10 practice books.