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A local author self-published recently through iUniverse and she got some local press and has had at least one book signing and she's speaking at multiple book clubs. That sort of localized fame could be mine if I took that route.
That's what got me wondering if there was any long-term harm to it.
Reluctant Artist,

I did some research over the past few months regarding what kinds of books sell well with POD publishers, and while I'm very circumspect about large POD publishers and what exactly they can do for a self published author, I have to say one thing that did come out was that iUniverse had a suprisingly strong success with fiction authors in particular, and some non-fiction authors. I've always said that fiction just doesn't work with self publishing services, that fact remains that iUniverse have had small but notable successes.

This of course all falls back on what services (marketing) if any, each author purchased, or what kind of 'extreme' envolvement they had in the promotion and marketing of their own book.

Look, let's be blunt, your friend...I don't know what her career field is, but it probably has some relavance as to her ability to sell books, and as to selling books hurting any author in their future, by whatever method...??

There's no such thing as bad publicity, even small publicity...go for it!