I'm sure you've read the many reasons why people like me suggest that you first try the traditional publishing route. Nevertheless, you've decided to forgo same and enter the world of self-publishing. Having a nonfiction work, a defined niche and a specific target audience is a plus, but it's not enough. I suggest you look deep inside yourself and be sure that you want to, and are capable of running a business, because when you self-publish to make money that's what you're doing. Then consider editing -- that's your baby to handle, whether or not you pay others to do so for you. What about production? Do you have the knowledge to instruct the self-publishing company to produce the type of book you envision. Do you have the time required to run a self-publishing company? Do you have the thousands of dollars required to do so, and are you prepared to lose it? Do you know how to publicize your book? Do you know how to market and merchandise your book? Do you know how to effectively distribute your book. And so on, and so on.

My purpose is not to try and discourage you--which I know I can't--but only to give you food for thought.

I wish you the best.