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Patience folks and listen to what Veinglory has to say on the subject. Do a Lulu print of a few of your books and send them to friends and family, sans ISBN. Then try to get a traditional publishing done. After all else fails (give yourself six months of submitting queries ans such), then do the self-publish thing. Just my two cents worth. I'm sticking to the query route for "Dad, Dog and Fish" and I'm getting bites (partial requests). If it doesn't get picked up in six months then I'll probably do self-publishing.
I really like the idea of giving yourself six months, then going after the self-publishing. In fact, it was what I was going to try to do, but I've made the decision to just jump to self-publishing.

I don't know, I feel like I have the right "requirements" to make self-publishing work for me: non-fiction book, defined niche, specific target audience. Most importantly, the will to market like a motherf*cker and do what I need to sell copies. Call it naivety or arrogance - but think this is the road I'm supposed to take. Maybe I'll be kicking myself six months from now, but I've always just gone with what my gut tells me. Right now, it's saying "go do this thing yourself."