Here are the reasons I'm seriously considering self-publishing my mainstream fiction manuscript (supported publishing).

1. I maintain ownership and control of the work
2. No heartache trying to get through the gatekeepers (agents/ publishers)
3. Less concern about GENRE, that is, where to put my book on a shelf
4. Publishers are doing way less editing - they like authors to do that themselves.
5. Publishers are doing way less marketing - they like authors to establish their own "platforms".
6. Certainty that my book WILL be published in my lifetime.

What traditional publishers seem to offer is:
1. Distribution channels not easily accessible by self-publishers
2. stamp of approval; validation of your work.

HOWEVER, enough good books are overlooked and enough bad books are published that I have a hard time trusting that the gatekeepers really have the skills to convey validation with accuracy! The real litmus test is sales, what READERS think.

If we could all figure out ways to get our self-published books into the hands of readers, we could by-pass the gatekeepers.
Just food for thought.