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My experience with locating an agent/publisher was nightmarish the first time around. I shelved my first book and wrote a second.

Will poor sales through self-publishing haunt me afterwards?
Clearly, you believe your second book is better than the first one. You need to understand what has made it better, and was this because of the rejections/positive suggestions of agents/publishers you submitted to. If this is the case, then the approach and experience with the 'Traditional' route to being published has had a strong benefit in spite of all the frustrations.

While I am a strong supporter of self-publishing and reputable POD publishers, you must understand that if you are writing fiction/novels, then self publishing/POD publishers are not the ideal 'model route'. Self publishing serves the non-fiction field far better, particularly if an author already has an on-line profile and a strong network community through websites and business connections.

It's not so much that self published low sales will hurt or restrict your future chances of Traditional publishing success, but rather, that it may not count for much in the marketing outlook of an agent/publisher. It's strong and steady self publishing sales which may have a chance of tilting things in your favour should you decide to approach a large publisher, or consider offering a 'second edition' of a moderately successful self published work.

Much always depends on the ability of the self published author to have the where-with-all to successfully market and sell their books, and a lot of the time this usually comes from authors who have a strong backround in sales and marketing and a strong knowledge of the media. In effect, sometimes the most successful self published authors are those who have a strong business backround and a great deal of entrepreneurship.

Hope this has been of some help.