Buddy System

Just wondering if any of you had this experience with hill. When I dared to question him last June about some niggling doubts I had, the ever helpful Mr. Hill kindly agreed to add my name to the agency's 'Buddy System', a forum to facilitate fellow Hill clients to chat and exchange progress reports, worries etc. I was contacted by a 'buddy' called Stuart Hades (interested to see his name posted here as one of the Hill defenders) who would e-mail me and kindly offer to bring any questions I might have to Christopher Hill when he met him at the Edinborough Book Fair and such places. I once joked to my husband that maybe Hill and Hades were the one person. See! Psycic and I didn't even know it! Maybe Hill has helped me uncover a talent I never knew I had! Needless to say I have tried to e-mail this buddy of mine since the Anderson e-mail but guess what? He ain't replying.