"The news that Private Eye was in fact "Hill" shows just how devious and dishonest these creatures are. At least it might convince the few that are still harbouring a hope that a real contract is in the post to move on."

This was quoted above. And I have a further indication that PrivateEye is Hill. Keep reading:

I was one of the ones contacted privately by PrivateEye, also known as jamesdreardon301@aol.co.uk who ostensibly had an ongoing investigation going. He was also in contact with Victoria, who, as far as I can see, is genuine. It is clear from all this that the esteemed Mr. Hill is trying to derail any possible investigations into his activities. Makes sense. We are alway on the verge of organizing against him, but he's seeing to it we don't The fellow clearly has no life beyond his computer terminal; but, my oh my, is he enjoying all this!

Mr. James D. Reardon (or James Dreardon; I don't know which it is), contacted me and various others. He was more than a bit circumspect with his personal details, for reasons of "personal security," I believe he said. I had just written, in Spanish, to the almeriares@dormail.com address and received a reply from Justin Chambers (I'll post that in a moment), when he wrote the following to me at my AOL address (in boldface):


So however replied understood the Spanish? A good point if nothing else. I hope you have more joy than me. I have the meeting on Wednesday but a prelim chat today didn't bode well. According to what we have at the moment we can only find about fifty clients? Some of those were not fee payers. Our wonderful police force wont touch this unless we find bigger incentive, in other words more money!

Still I am sure they will give some pointers come Wednesday.


Christopher Hill

Whoops! When I called him on it in a subsequent email, he wrote (bold):


Sorry I pasted over an e-mail I had origianally intended to send to you! Apologies!!

Notice the spelling? Who else do we know who consistently spells poorly? When I asked "James" what he was sending me, he wrote (bold):


The e-mail I was giong to send was the last message I had from the Hill address.

This mentioned the fact that he was attending Frankfurt, I thought this would be helpful for your meeting.

I have pasted this below.


We are currently very busy is regards of attending the Frankfurt bookfair, I will deal with the matters raised upon my return.


Christopher Hill

The only thing is, I hadn't asked for such a thing. Not to mention, had James actually inserted this into his email, it would have made absolutely no sense at all. It was, in short, a very poor effort to cover up his mistake.

By the way, "James," I have, as stated in our emails, gone to the American FBI with this. The case has been referred to their cybercrime unit. I suggest that everyone here file a complaint as well: the address is: IC3.gov

My advice for everyone on this forum, which is quite clearly being directed by Mr. Hill himself in order to sow mistrust and shut down any investigation: don't trust anyone who won't verify their identity satisfactorily to you.

David E. Pearson, Ph.D.
Professor of Sociology
Behavioral Sciences Department
Academic Senate President
University of Texas at Brownsville