Surely any female is likely to be Hill's wife, Lorraine? She was the co-author of the contract, for what that's worth.

I had two emails today from 'James'. I will paste them here in italics.

I admit you are quite correct in all your assumptions. IP addresses wrong signatures, coming back on line under another guise that should have left alone!

To go to such lengths and then to fall so low!! Why? why? why?

I must be stupid it is the only logical explanation.

Oh well another e-mail to shut down.

Perhaps we should all meet up in Edinburgh?


Oh one last little ditty before I go.

I was not the only mole. If you get the other you win a prize!!

Maybe we should all just file complaints with the authorities (I know some people, including me, have already done so) and draw a line under this thread? The man is clearly mentally ill. With what, I don't know. Perhaps he's got multiple personality disorder. Perhaps he's got sexual inadequacies. Maybe his mother didn't love him enough, or maybe his scoutmaster loved him too much. Who knows, or indeed, cares? This thread may be cathartic, and I love it, but it is an open invitation for Hill to keep on creating new personas. Feeds him the oxygen of publicity, as they say.