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Thread: [Web project] We Feel Fine

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    Onlyifyouwanttowillyoufin daway-Enya inkkognito's Avatar
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    [Web project] We Feel Fine

    Just wanted to toss this out to see if anyone else has had the same experience and to make sure there is nothing hinky I am missing.

    I have a fairly popular blog, and recently I got the following comment (edited for brevity):

    I am contacting you because I am working with the authors of a book about blogs, and I'd like to request permission to use a photograph of yours in this book.

    I contacted the person listed for more info. and received the following (again, edited for brevity):

    I'm contacting you today because I'm working with authors Sep Kamvar and Jonathan Harris on a book about feelings on the web. We found an image on your blog that we found beautiful, and we wanted to get your permission to use it in the book. The book is based on the website We Feel Fine ( In return, we will give you a free copy of the book, signed by the authors, and an invitation to the book launch when the book comes out. A description of the site is below. I'd love to hear back from you and if you provide a mailing address or email address, we can send you a permissions form.

    I had wondered if it was a way to get contributors to buy the book, but the free copy seems to negate that. I'm going to let them use the image since there doesn't seem to be any downside; I'm not a professional photog so it's not like I'd be using it for anything else.

    Am I missing anything here? Or does it look on the level?

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    I grow my own catnip JulieB's Avatar
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    It certainly looks on the level to me. They've had some good, mainstream press coverage. Sounds cool. Congratulations!

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    The final product, for those interested:

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