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Thread: [Organization] Freelancers Union, Inc. / Working Today

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    [Organization] Freelancers Union, Inc. / Working Today

    I've posted some details here:

    Freelancers Union is a company that's supposed to provide access to affordable health insurance plans to their members. I have been insured with Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield with them this past year (they pulled a switch on us last year; I was with HIP before that).

    In essence, they've just pulled a fast one on their members and announced that none of us will have health insurance by the end of December unless we sign up for a brand new company that they convieniently own: Freelancers Insurance Company! With higher premiums and fewer benefits, this totally untested company offers questionable coverage and abysmal customer service.

    My personal problem with Freelancers Union goes back to August. I overpaid two months on a family plan and was owed a refund. Instead, they charged me again and refused to acknowledge it. I've been fighting with them by e-mail for months (primarily, their strategy is to ignore me), and I've called their customer service line at least 4 times. I've been put on hold every time, then hung up on. EVERY TIME.

    I was on hold for more than an hour last week. Today, it was 31 minutes, when the "system" decided to disconnect me. I've e-mailed them at three different addresses, including copying the president directly. Her strategy is to ignore me, too, apparently.

    Here's a link to some other upset members:

    And Gawker wrote about it:
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    This is horrible member service! They were doing so well for a while, too.

    The Editorial Freelancers Association offers the chance to buy group coverage through HIP and some other providers. See here for more information. (Despite the name, you're completely eligible, Jenna--they include writers as well as editors in their membership.)


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