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Thread: [Publicity / Display site] International Association of Writers

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    The King and Queen of Cheese BenPanced's Avatar
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    Question [Publicity / Display site] International Association of Writers

    For US$149, you can:

    1. participate in their members-only International Speakers' Bureau
    2. promote yourself in the members-only Database of Experts for the Media
    3. have your articles and columns syndicated in the - you guessed it - members-only Articles Directory
    4. receive a free listing in their freelance marketplace
    5. but most of all, you can list your queries and manuscripts for eager agents, editors, and publishers.
    I've searched through B&BC, but it seems the site's fairly new; according to the "join us" page, they launch in two weeks. I also checked on the director's name, Fern Reiss, and didn't come up with much.

    I'm hearing some tiny little bells going off with this one. Thoughts?
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    I grow my own catnip JulieB's Avatar
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    Fixing the URL.

    Maybe it's just me, but when I see bullet points about "secrets" I "must know" and "reports" I'm left feeling cold.

    I'd certainly wait and see.

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    Writer Beware Goddess Absolute Sage victoriastrauss's Avatar
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    Fern Reiss is a self-anointed publishing expert and author of The Publishing Game series (Publish a Book in 30 Days, etc.). She claims 10 books on her website, but Amazon shows six, most pubbed by her own PBJ Press.

    Some discussion of her in this thread.

    - Victoria

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    The bulk of the site gives server errors, and the most recent newsletter I can pull up is Dec '09.

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