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Thread: Java or flash problem I think

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    Java or flash problem I think

    I need a little help, again, please.

    I've noticed that several website appear as a nice solid color with a small white box with a red x in in the upper left corner. When I click on the x I usually get something about Adobe flash.

    Now I do have Jave platform two, it installs itself from time to time, the virus scan removes it, but I've been watching to keep it from removing it. (Yes, I was wrong about that.)

    I've tried to put the Adobe flash in but with dial up it takes 10 hours to download and the computer keeps turning itself off during the download. You can't do anything else while this is happening and I get distracted.

    Is there a way to make the download faster while still having dial up? Do I need to take it to Staples and get it hooked up to satilite and download it there?

    I'm missing several agents' websites, all of NBC news and most of the cool stuff from CNN and NSBN ( I didn't get to the see the red and blue map.)

    I appreciate the help in the past and thank you in advance for this time.


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    Do you know anyone with a faster connection? Cajole them into downloading the player onto a thumb drive for you and try loading from that.

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    ideas are floating where they will Stlight's Avatar
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    where you can put sugar sprinkles on lots of things
    I was thinking of taking the hard drive to Staples. What's a thumb drive? I'm not only technologically challenged, but under funded.

    Hey, aren't you the one who sent me over here???

    Very clever of you. I need to work on indexing. ;-)

    Yippers, almost forgot. Appropo of nothing that I could remember doing Adobe flash sent a message square that an update was available - install no or remeind me later. It claimed it would only take a couple fo minutes. I clicked install now. It tried and failed. I clicked retry. Tried and failed. I clicked retry. Tried and failed. So I gave up. Any thoughts?

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    Thumb drive = USB flash drive = one of those little "sticks" that people carry around on their keychains

    It shouldn't take that long to download the Flash player. I only have dialup, and I don't have to "borrow" a connection for that.
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