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    January ‘16

    Author Solutions Sold to Private Equity Firm (VS – 1/5/16) Link
    Best of Writer Beware: 2015 In Review (VS – 1/8/16) Link
    Freelance Mills, Cyberbullying, and Plagiarism, Oh My! (VS – 1/13/16) (IAPWE, Stephen Leather & ParaDon Books) Link
    Profit Engine: The Author Solutions Markup (VS – 1/15/16) Link
    The Fair Contract Initiative (VS – 1/29/16) (The Authors Guild) Link

    February ‘16

    Termination Fees in Publishing Contracts: Why They're Not Just Bad for Authors (VS – 2/12/16) Link
    Solicitation Alert: RPI Publications, a.k.a. Raider Publishing International (VS – 2/16/16) (Adam Salviani) Link
    Kickbacks, Opportunism, and Fake Awards, Oh My: Three Solicitation Alerts (VS – 2/19/16) (Bookfuel, Encircle Publications, Book Excellence Awards) Link

    March ‘16

    New Authors As Shark Bait: Steve Alten's A&M Publishing (VS – 3/2/16) Link
    Publishers Weekly Features Vanity Publisher Morgan James ... Again (VS – 3/11/16) Link
    How Do Freelance Editors Get Paid? (VS – 3/18/16) Link
    PublishAmerica / America Star Books Lawsuit Against Writer Beware Settled (VS – 3/23/16) Link

    April ‘16

    Small Press Storm Warnings: Pegasus Books, Realmwalker Publishing Group, Spectral Press, Tickety Boo Press (VS – 4/22/16) Link
    Spam, Spam, Spam Spam: Inkitt and the Grand Novel Contest (VS – 4/29/16) Link

    May ‘16

    Writer Beware Blog on Hiatus (Again) (VS – 5/9/16) Link

    June ‘16

    Back From Hiatus: Why I Went Away (VS – 6/3/16) Link
    Booklife Prize in Fiction (VS – 6/9/16) Link
    Tate Publishing & Enterprises Slapped With $1.7 Million Lawsuit (VS – 6/16/16) Link

    July ‘16

    Month9Books Scales Back Its List amid Allegations of Nonpayment (VS – 7/1/16) Link
    "Cutting Lists Isn't New": Q&A with Month9books Founder Georgia McBride (VS – 7/8/16) Link
    How Publishers Abuse Termination Fees: Sky Warrior Books (VS – 7/15/16) Link
    WriteIndia Writing Contest: When a Contest Sponsor Changes the Rules (VS – 7/19/16) Link

    August ‘16

    (no posts)

    September ‘16

    (no posts)

    October ‘16

    (no posts)

    November ‘16

    (no posts)

    December ‘16

    Small Press Storm Warnings: Torquere Press, Caliburn Press, Month9books (VS – 12/1/16) Link
    Trouble at Tate: Could It Be End of Days for America's Most Prolific Vanity Publisher? (VS – 12/9/16) Link
    Torquere Press is Closing (VS – 12/13/16) Link
    Questions for Vanity Publisher Austin Macauley Yield Few Answers (VS – 12/21/16) Link
    All Romance eBooks' Sudden Closing: Many Questions, Few Answers (VS – 12/30/16) Link
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