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Thread: Hi from here

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElsaM View Post
    Except the cat, who sits on the keyboard when I'm trying to write.
    That's a very literal version of how life can try really hard to get in the way of your writing .

    Kitty wants attention NOW!

    I know how it is, though: two cats and an ADD jack russel/pit = hard to write at home.

    I usually get writing done at like 2 a.m. (the good kind).

    Anyways, welcome!

    "There is no language without deceit." -Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities

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    Always work at making different mistakes and you'll get there.

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    Only arrived yesterday myself and I can say already, This is a good place to find all sorts of help. Have fun exploring
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    Welcome. Enjoy your stay.

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    Let's scoff on three

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