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Thread: How to Fish for story ideas when you're a dried up editor

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    How to Fish for story ideas when you're a dried up editor

    I am not suggesting you do this, by the way. I'm making a point.

    How to be prolific when you're a dried up editor.

    1. Set up a website ezine offering professional payments for fiction. Make it look fancy.
    2. Sit back and wait for the stories to come in. Give it about three to six months.
    3. When you have enough stories, shut down the website. Make any old excuse. For example, "My beloved canary 'Plagios' died and due to an excess of mourning I have to close the site for good."
    3. Pick out the best stories. Fiddle with them so that it isn't obvious you stole the ideas and content.
    4. Publish them under your own name. Use your credits as an editor of previous ezines to impress. Pretend you have an MA in creative writing and that you studied rocket science at uni.
    5. As soon as you run out of stories/ideas go back to step 1.

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    I knew I was doing something wrong trying to come up with my own stories! No wonder I can't finish anything I start!

    Thank you icenine, you've saved my writing career!
    Quote Originally Posted by Phaeal View Post
    I'd say the main lesson to take from Stephen King's working life is: He's never stopped working. He's written sober. He's written drunk. He's written while recovering from horrendous injuries. He's written while working maggotty laundry jobs. He's written on long after he could have snuggled down into his royalties for the rest of his life.

    Damn good lesson, that.

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    Bewares & Background Check is for discussion of specific people and companies (agents, publishers, editors, others). Icenine, please feel free to start a thread on the ezine you've had a problem with (search the Index first to be sure there isn't already an existing thread).

    - Victoria


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