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I was ignorant getting into this, but I am learning, and trying to keep the economics of it within reason.

<smip> My adventure and writing about it were both unexpected, yet, I followed my curiosity, which evolved into an obligation for both. Last year, while sitting in a local vietnamese resort, I put in an excess of 1,400 hours of manuscript writing and re-writings; 240 pages of word doc, all unguided.

I do look forward to continued education within this site.

Thank you,
That's fine, 6 - if you're getting the idea that one must have a beta-reader, or that one must have a beta-reader at a certain stage, that's not what's meant. Some writers use a beta reader, some don't.
As to when - it's usually a personal choice. AW advice is usually not to call a beta in until you've finished and polished yourself - but it's not a rule, or anything.

Welcome to AW.