First, I'm not a musician so it would help if you typed your responses real slow so I can understand.

I have two CDs that my brother made of his original music. He has asked me to either build a website for his music (for free or for sale, we haven't worked that bit out yet.) and/or put his music up on an existing website so that people will be able to listen to it (either for free or for sale.) I know how to design and launch a website. But, the second option would be a heck of a lot easier on me. He is unable to do this for himself for the forseeable future and has asked me to look into it for him. So, do any of you know of a good website(s) that I can investigate that allows people to essentially self-publish their music?

Yes, he is a musician. Yes, he has already done the mixing, mashing, and whatever else it is you do to the raw recordings to make them listenable. These are professional quality recordings. I'm the total amateur about this.

Any help would be appreciated.

ETA: If I put this in the wrong place, then I apologize.