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Thread: Pif Magazine

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    Banned chelle21's Avatar
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    Question Does anyboy know anything about Pifmagazine

    Dear Fellow Writers:

    Does Anybody know anything about Because I just submitted my poetry to them it pays 50 dollars per poem you submitted to them in a 100 dollars per articles I think. I think I forgot how much the articles where for but I know it was between a 100 dollars and 200 dollars I think, so please don't quote me on this because I'm not sure that's why I put the link for all ya'll could see if ya'll wanted to check out the site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chelle21
    I'm writing to you today on the behalf of PifMagazine, I was wondering do anybody know anything about PifMagazine?
    Not to be picky, but to be picky, if you say you're writing "on behalf" of someone, you're saying that you are writing for them, or representing them. That's not what you're doing here. You're writing regarding them.

    Preditors and Editors has this to say about Pif (if it's this Pif ):
    Pif: poetry and short-fiction by new and emerging writers. Book, CD, movie reviews, and political commentary also welcome. Recommended

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    volitare nequeo AW Moderator veinglory's Avatar
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    right here
    As I recall they never responded to my submissions
    Emily Veinglory

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    Vein, I crossed them off my list years ago for the same reason.
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    chelle- you might want to post this in the bewares and background check forum. they might be able to help you more. sorry I can't!
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    I submitted a story over four months ago on the basis of the good recommendation at Pred & Ed. They use a submissions manager now and say they respond in three months. I've emailed twice. No reply. I take that as a "no" and a guess that they're just pubbing their own stuff.


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