I just posted the following in response to another thread, but thought it would be more useful here:

Hello, writer friends. I have been a silent visitor to AW for a long time, and decided it was finally time to officially join you all, since I have been the recipient of so much helpful information.

I am one of those writers who was fortunate to be approached by Nat Sobel after he read one of my pieces in a literary journal. He said he was a fan of my work and invited me to contact him if I happened to be seeking agent representation for a book. Lucky for me, I was just finishing up the revisions of my book MS. We exchanged e-mails and he asked for a full, which I mailed last week.

Crossing my fingers!

The original thread in "Short Fiction," referenced the recent interview with Nat Sobel in Poets and Writers. Sobel really does read literary journals and approaches writers that he thinks might be worth pursuing for representation.

What pleases me so much about this is that I put my book on hold for 2 years while I built up my publishing credentials in literary journals. Mr. Sobel's invitation validates the appropriateness of this approach.