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Thread: [Content site]

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    [Content site]

    TBC is a website looking for people to write travel review content articles. They pay $5 an article (they're pretty short, so I didn't have a problem with this). Payment is once a month, supposedly on the last day of the cycle. Notice I say supposedly. Yeah.

    Now, the first time I do stuff for them, they check my two articles, pay out just fine, and things are hunky-dory.

    The next month? They check all but two articles. OK...I'd like the $10, but I won't quibble. I bring the missing articles to their attention. They say that sometimes, they get too busy to check all of the articles, and that they promise to get them next go-around. But the best part? They pay out TWO WEEKS LATE. It seems that their payment person has gone on vacation, and that no one is filling in for them! I was appalled. I used this money for bills (of course. I mean, it's SALARY), which were now going to be late. Fab. They pay me out, and promise that "that never happens". Sigh.

    That brings me to this month.

    I do waaaay more guides than usual, because I'd actually sat down and figured out my schedule and budgetary needs so that I could really pinpoint my workload. I did a bunch in the beginning of the month; they check them on the 19th. I do more, thinking I'd get them checked on the 28 or 28th or so.


    I write to them, saying, "'s getting close to the end of the month. Are you going to check the articles that are in my queue?"


    Today, instead of getting a PP deposit for $150, I get one for $45. They had only checked the articles once that month. In the middle. They never answered my email, at all. Plus, they paid late again. Last time I checked, Canadians don't celebrate Labor Day, though I could be wrong on this. I should have gotten paid on the 29th or something.

    I just fired off a succinct little note to them. I must say, I think they're shutting down or something. It's a Priceline member site, and their conduct is surprising. I mean, the guy that I had contact with had a Priceline e-card in his earliest emails to me. Now, the cards no longer there. I'm sure that their incompetence got them dropped from the affilliate network. I don't care, though. I did good work, and no one screws with my money. I WILL get paid.

    I just wanted the rest of you to know...DON'T WORK FOR THESE CLOWNS. You'll be sorry.
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    The domain's for sale now, so it's a safe bet they indeed shut down.

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