Conference: World Horror Convention

Attended: March 2012

Locale: Salt Lake City, UT


MS Crits: Yes

Agents: Yes, lots of pitch sessions and agents doing panels.

Participated: I didn't pitch

Editors: The editors involved did take pitches as well but mostly did panels.

Participated: I had a nice sit down with the editor of Dark Horse Comics. This wasn't the usual hit-and-run pitch session that some of the other conventions have. You actually get to spend time.

Overall: This was my first time at WHC and it was a great experience. Overall the best part was meeting the other authors attending. I met some new friends and good contacts.

Highlight: Ok here's where it gets crazy. Some of the highlights involved getting 86'd from the hotel bar; trying to attend 3 parties at the same time on the same night; listening to a friend ask where a liquor store is with vernacular so embellished only a writer would understand him (although it was even funnier when the young hotel clerk actually knew what he was saying in such a roundabout way!); having security knock on not one but two doors telling us that there was a noise complaint.
Now, before you think that it was non-stop parties there was also actual workshops, a dealer's room, and a mass autograph signing. I love the signings, they are usually chaos personified but in a very good way. All in all it was a special few days with some great highlights I will always cherish.

Cons: The only con I had was having my reading re-scheduled last minute so I was going up against Sherrilyn Kenyon's panel.

Will I Return: Absolutely, it was one of my favorite cons so far!