I'd like to have one of my fantasy characters use a herbal "remedy" to induce a miscarriage. I'd like to stick as close to possible to what could or would have been done in a medieval period though if that fails, I'll invent something.

This girl would be 17 yrs old and would have missed her period by about two or three weeks. She'd have access to a healer's room which contains various herbs and a handful of books with recipes and such. (Convenient, I know.)

I'd like her to take something (pennyroyal? tansy?) early in the morning and have had the miscarriage by evening at the latest. She does not need to be up and about after the miscarriage. In fact, she can be as sick as she wants for the next 5 days or so after that. Then she'll have to start being able to function again.

Is this feasible? If so then:
1. What should she take?
2. How should it be prepared? (Infusion? Eat the leaves? Munch on seeds?)
3. What side-effects / symptoms is she likely to experience?
4. How will she feel after the miscarriage? (Horrible I'm sure but I'd like to be able to include a few specific details.)
5. How long till she's able to at least travel in a carriage?

Any help is greatly appreciated!