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Thread: Good Morning Planet Earth /

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    Good Morning Planet Earth /

    Does anyone out there know what happened with's First Annual writing comp, Don't Get Mad Get Evil? Was it a scam? The site has been under construction for almost a year.

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    I'm not sure I'd hold out much hope. The site hasn't had any administrative updates in over a year, either. Its registration doesn't run out till 2007, so assuming it isn't yanked for nonpayment somewhere along the line, it could sit idle with no one behind it for quite a long while.

    The sponsor, Good Morning Planet Earth, doesn't show up on any searches for a business at its location in the Canadian Yellow Pages. They might have missed it - I'm not sure how comprehensive phone books in Canada are, but that's a strike.

    And the phone number originally listed for the executive (and point of contact) for that organization now appears to be registered to someone else. I'm not involved with this at all, so I won't press further on that line of inquiry, but you might attempt to contact them this way, in case the same people are still present there.

    I don't see anything wrong with posting this number - its publically available from the registration records of the website. William Lewis was the administrative contact at (250) 564-3478. Reverse lookup lists another name now, but that might be the best place to start.

    It could still be legit, and just undergoing technical difficulties, but were I the gambling sort, this does look and quack in a very duck-like fashion.


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