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Thread: Jaded Silence Press

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    Obsessive is just a less complimentary term for "detail-oriented" SeattleGhostWriter's Avatar
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    Jaded Silence Press

    Hey there and good evening. I am hardly on here at this forum. This is due to a hectic schedule that I am keeping and some vigorous writing I am attempting to accomplish.

    However, I have come across Jaded silence Press on where they are having an ongoing contest to have books published. Several people there have already submitted their work. I googled them and came across their website. According to their website - here is what I found:

    In order to help our authors maximize potential sales of their books, we are offering a payment plan in order to buy a distribution ISBN package through If an author can help to pay for the $100 distribution fee up front, they will automatically continue to get their full 80% royalties while Jaded gets their 20%. If an author can pay for $50 of the distribution fee, we can still send them 50% of their 80% revenue, while the other 30% goes towards the ISBN costs until it is covered and then they will automatically go back up to the full 80%. If an author is unable to pay any of the distribution costs for their ISBN, we will still send them the 30% of revenue sales, while the other 50% goes towards their ISBN costs and once it's paid off, they will automatically go back up to 80%.
    Jaded Silence Press's website is:

    I am sorry, but is it not the publishers responsible to pay for the cost of the ISBN as well?

    I read more of their website and here is what they have to say on the "Process":

    Now we're going to start implementing a new ISBN policy. In the regards that if the author wants to just hurry up and get their book onto and all of those lovely online bookstores, the Lulu distribution cost for an ISBN is $100. If an author just wants to send a full payment for that, the ISBN would be bought immediately for them and get a helluva lot more sales. If they do that, we will keep giving them the 80% of revenue sales that they generate while Jaded takes 20% for the formatting, editing, and cover designing work that we do. Cheap deal as a lot of big named publishers would only give an author between 6-30% of royalties. If an author can pay $50, what we would do is just cut their 80% down to 50% until the ISBN is paid off by the left over 30% and then it'll jump back up to 80. If they can't afford any at all, we could cut it down to 30% or 0% (author's choice) in order to pay off the ISBN and then of course, as before, jump back up to the full 80%. This way the authors are able to get their ISBNs for their books at minimal costs to them and JSP.
    What is the deal with places like these luring authors in? Why would someone go through a publisher like this that uses an existing POD service (they admit to using when the author can just pay and do the same thing through LULU that this publisher is claiming to do? What benefit are they offering? Nothing that I can see? Anyone have had any problems or have already had their work published through Jaded Silence Press?

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    practical experience, FTW c2ckim's Avatar
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    Sounds like someone to stay away from. New authors don't always read the fine print and get caught up in crap like this. 3/25/09 The Darkness Within July 25, 2009
    Meghan's Legacy- Sept.1, 2009; Shadow Chaser- Jan 2010- Witness- Feb 1, 2010 ;Legacy of Murder- April 2010; Secrets and Lies, July 2010; The Prophet out in Oct- Bucks County Publishing; The Unknown Son- Rogue Phoenix Press- out in Oct.
    Avalon Books- No One To Hear You Scream coming out Dec 2010
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    Empirical Storm Trooper MadScientistMatt's Avatar
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    Ugh. Not only would a real publisher pay for the ISBN, they'd have their own "distribution package" already in place to sell their books.

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    Writer Beware Goddess Absolute Sage victoriastrauss's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by SeattleGhostWriter View Post
    What is the deal with places like these luring authors in? Why would someone go through a publisher like this that uses an existing POD service (they admit to using when the author can just pay and do the same thing through LULU that this publisher is claiming to do? What benefit are they offering?
    They claim to offer marketing (which probably is nothing the authors couldn't do themselves, and probably not effective anyway), and the books carry a publisher name so that the authors can present as being with a small press. It plays into the whole authorial role-playing thing.

    - Victoria

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    volitare nequeo AW Moderator veinglory's Avatar
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    Let's start with the fact that distribution from Lulu is currently free. Everything else, although also a bad idea, kind of becomes moot at that point.
    Emily Veinglory

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    Site is gone, Lulu store has no published content, and MySpace page hasn't been updated since 2008. Call me jaded, but I think it's been silenced. *rimshot*

    ETA: Freeweb site still exists -
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