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    1. Use the search feature. Really, it is your friend. Some topics have come up dozens, possibly a hundred times or more. It's quite possible that your question has already been answered a bunch of times. And while you're at it, please feel free to resurrect an old thread to continue the discussion or ask questions relevant to that topic. Where there are two or more threads on the same topic, we tend to merge them together anyway, so you'd be saving us the time and hassle.

    If you're having difficulty finding something, consider doing a Google search using terms " search terms" without the brackets. That'll result in a Google search on those search terms within the AW forums only, not elsewhere on the Internet. Doing a search this way can prove to be exceedingly useful.

    2. Please use meaningful thread titles. The more meaningful the thread title, the easier it is for those who are searching for information relevant to them and the more likely that people interested in that topic will look at it and respond to it.

    3. Please, no threads asking people to leave comments on your blog. Everyone wants comments on their blog. Either join one of the Comment Blitzes or Blog Chains or other such blog events or post in the Did You Update Your Blog Today? thread. Everyone in that thread wants comments on their blog just like you, and really, that's the purpose behind that thread. If you create a thread asking for comments, it'll get punted into that thread anyway, but we'd rather you don't create more work for us.

    4. Please, no threads announcing a new blog. We have a thread for that, and it's called Absolute Writer's Blogs. Please post the announcement in that thread. If you create a new thread for the purpose of announcing your new blog, it'll just get punted into there anyway, so please, save us the work and the hassle.

    5. If you want a review of your blog, whether it's a critique of the design or content or any other aspect of your blog or blog site, please post it in AW Blog Reviews subforum. And read the guidelines in that thread before you post.

    6. If you're announcing a blog event or making a blogging announcement, please post that in the Blog Events and Announcements subforum.

    7. Please, no snarking and no profanity. Remember the rule "Respect your fellow writers." Yes, this is a civilized forum that requires little attention, and honestly, we'd love to keep it that way.

    8. Please report spam or problematic posts. No, it doesn't have to be absolutely clear cut. If you have a suspicion or you think a post might be problematic, report it. If you think a thread is heading into problem territory, report it. Mods can't be everywhere and can't catch everything and we rely on your help.

    And while we're at it, just because a thread has gone out of control, don't assume that the mods are watching and approve of the shenanigans or won't do anything about it. Like I said, we can't be everywhere and we can't read everything, but as soon as a problem post/thread comes to our attention, it will be dealt with.

    9. If you have questions, ask. We'll do our best to help. Meanwhile, take a look around and get a feel for the place.
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