I've been catching episodes of "The Prisoner" courtesy of the crappy selection at the Benbrook Public Library. (Can you imagine a library without any Neil Gaiman or Gene Wolfe books or Ann McCaffrey books? *shivers*)

Got me thinking about how different authors would escape the island.

Cory Doctorow - of course - would hack the hi-tech system with low-tech tools (like countering the white balloon by wrapping it in a homemade Mario Bros. quilt), unite the fellow prisoners against the pernicious number 2, and
leave the burning wreckage of the island behind.

Hal Duncan would get in a drunken punji-stick battle with anyone who tries to keep him from riding his chariot of loyal, loving white bubbles to the Paris Ghettos. Of course, Hal made his own grain alcohol out of coconuts and spare parts littering his apartment.

Neil Gaiman would cheerfully hack the orange alert system with his sonic screwdriver, liberate everyone who survives the rebellion, and then hop into his blue police box to whoosh himself to the fourth great and bountiful human empire. (He's actually Doctor Who, you know.)

John Shirley would throw a punk concert and release strange toxins upon the crowd, getting everyone completely stoned except for him - because he's naturally developed quite an immunity - at which time, he merely takes to the sky in the helicopter that was brought to life by sacrificing a woman to the AI processor, and allowing her soul to merge with the machine.

Jeff VanderMeer would disappear underground in the caves around the village, and he would be the only one to escape the carnage from the old ones beneath.

Gene Wolfe would not need to leave the island. You see, he's actually the one running the show, and Number 2 will be tricked into revealing all sots of information to Number 6. Number 2 is really in for it.

Anyone else have any ideas?