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Thread: [Publisher] Iris Print

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    Angry [Publisher] Iris Print

    Five writers that I know of have been having problems with Iris Print, a publisher that publishes both print books and e-books. These writers have not been paid royalties for the past two quarters. Kellie Lynch, the editor of Iris Print, and her husband have been uncommunicative, not answering their authors' letters, making excuses for nonpayment of authors--not even making token payments.

    After writing Lynch four times in April and May and not getting even a shadow of response, one of these writers, a friend of mine, got a check from Iris Print. It bounced.

    So far we've got lack of communication, failure to pay royalties and kiting bad checks. This is bad enough. But it gets worse.

    From the blog of one of the other writers:

    ...Yaoi Jamboree seems willing to allow Iris Print to continue selling our books, when itís public knowledge Iris Print hasnít paid us for books sold for the last two sales quarters.

    So the books are scheduled to be sold. Not on or at Barnes & haven't been restocked there. But at one convention, at least. And the authors aren't making any profit from the sales. Not one thin dime.

    I checked Yaoi Jamboree's website and found a list of vendors. Iris Print is definitely listed. An English friend checked with YJ. Their response:

    The fact is, we doubt very much that Iris Print will be showing up. We're leaving them up on the dealers [sic] list because they have not canceled as of yet. They did not answer our email asking for confirmation either.

    I don't know if there is any profit being made from the books. I do know that the husband of Kellie Lynch posted recently in his LiveJournal that he and his wife recently bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner. In case he decides to friends-lock it, I'm quoting exactly what he said on 6/13/2008, not adding or omitting a single word:

    We have bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

    Kellie is vacuuming our bedroom. I hear loud whirring noises, and occasional screams of "this is SO AWESOME!"

    Here's a list of prices for Dyson vacuum cleaners from Dyson's online store.

    The uprights start at $399.99. The most expensive model goes for $599.99.

    The canister sells for $499.99.

    And yet they say that they don't have the money to pay the people who wrote the books that they're selling.

    I'm not even going to get into Iris Print's infinite delays in publishing anthologies, or the fact that I once found, on three separate sites, Kellie Lynch's name on an as-yet-unpublished anthology, not as the editor, but as the author.

    ETA: Another person has mentioned problems:

    I never got paid for both a cover illustration and my work as an inker on a comic. It was very disappointing.

    Her lack of contact was even worse than her failure to pay.

    Does anyone else know anything about this publisher? Has anyone else had problems with them?
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    There were a couple of posts on Dear Author about them
    YaoiManga - publishing - issues
    Bounced Royalty Checks
    The second post has links to another author.

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    Thumbs down

    Yes, thank you. The writer you mention as having gotten a bad check is the same one I'm citing. As far as I know, Becky's the only one who has received a check at all. Pity it was a bad one.

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    Iris Print closing its doors

    As of July 14, 2008, this was posted on the Iris Print website (

    Final Liquidation Sale!

    Use the coupon code "liquidate" at checkout to get 50% off your entire order until July 31, 2008, when Iris Print closes its doors for good.


    On the same day, I got this message from Kellie Lynch, the editor of Iris Print. It was addressed to all of the authors who would have been published in Iris Print's anthology Queer Magic:

    Dear Queer Magic Authors;

    I was hoping to avoid this, but unfortunately, Queer Magic must be canceled. Please consider this letter your notice that the book will not be published, and your story will not be printed. Because the book will not be published, you are still able to sell First North American Publishing Rights for your story. I want to thank you all for the great work you did; I enjoyed all your stories immensely, and I was really looking forward to this book's publication.

    I'm in the process of refunding all pre-orders for the book. If you have any friends or relatives wondering about the status of the book or their pre-order, you can direct them to me. All pre-orders will be refunded by July 31st at the latest, but I expect it won't take that long to get through them all.

    Kellie Lynch
    Iris Print
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