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Thread: Leslie Lomax

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    Leslie Lomax

    I took on a small
    article writing job for a woman who said her name was Leslie Lomax. She contacted me
    through my blog, Originally we
    agreed to $35 for three 400-600 word articles ($25 for
    the first one; it was a first-timers' discount). The
    client paid $25 up front. Then the client asked for
    longer articles, and agreed to pay a price of $55 each
    for those, deliverable after the project was finished.

    I wrote the first article and the client loved it. I
    wrote the second two--the longer two--and I didn't
    hear back from the client for a week or two. I let
    her know that if I did not hear from her after a
    certain amount of time, I'd send an invoice. Finally
    she responded with something nonsensical, like "I love
    the articles...can we just start with the Chemicals
    one?" (one of the articles was about chemicals in baby
    products). I wasn't sure what she meant, so I sent
    her an email trying to clarify. No response, up til
    now--it's been about two months.

    I don't believe this client has any intention to pay
    the remainder. The problem is that I was dumb enough
    not to get her address and phone number. She owns
    a business named Zelda Antiques, but the articles were
    for a site about environmental child-rearing and
    organic baby products.

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    Brian Boru brianm's Avatar
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    I read your blog so I know you don't have a link to Ms Lomax or to her antique business, but she didn't contract with you in regards to that business, so that is moot anyway.

    IMO, the title to this thread needs to be changed to remove Zelda's Antiques, as there are a number of companies that go by this name and I'm quite confident they are not all affiliated with Ms Lomax. (If that is her real name.)

    I feel for you and hate to see writers taken advantage of, but wasn't there an address on your contract? Or did you use email correspondence to seal the deal with no actual contract?

    I confess that I am not savvy when it comes to freelance writing, so perhaps small deals are made without an actual contract?
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    We actually did have a letter of agreement, which didn't include her address, unfortunately. I also have a series of emails in which the client agreed to a change in price when she asked for a change in scope.

    The problem here may have been that I wasn't formal enough; I've done dozens of one-off little jobs like these and have probably gotten a little sloppy. This is the first time I've had this experience.

    That's a good point; I will remove the phrase "Zelda's antiques" from the title of my blog post. I definitely don't want to cause harm to people who are not involved.
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