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Thread: Puretimes Magazine

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    Puretimes Magazine

    Katrina Robinson


    To Whom It May Concern:

    I signed on as a freelance writer with Pure Time Magazine ( on September 30, 2007. I signed a contract that stated that if any of my articles were published in Pure Times Magazine, I would be compensated $200. The contract went on to state that payment would be sent out in check form via the United States Postal Service on the 15th of the month following publication.

    In November 2007, my “Across the Universe Review” was published at (this URL is no longer active).

    I have yet to receive payment.

    Between the dates of December 24, 2007 and April 22, 2008, I sent a total of six e-mails to Pure Times Magazine’s editor in chief, Christina Guy. I also placed approximately half a dozen phone calls to her personal cell phone requesting a call back or email so that I could find out when my payment was or would be processed and mailed out. I did not receive any reply.

    On May 12, 2008, I sent the following email to Ms. Guy as well as the general e-mail address for Pure Times Magazine and the email that the domain name was registered under:

    “To the Pure Times Magazine staff:

    As I have mentioned in countless emails and phone messages to Christina Guy, editor-in-chief of Pure Times Magazine, I am still owed payment from your company. My article "Across the Universe Review" was published in the November 2007 issue of your online magazine. Due to the terms agreed to in the contract that was sent to me, signed and returned, I should have been sent my $200 payment on December 15, 2007. I have yet to receive payment. I also have yet to hear a reply from anyone involved with this magazine.

    I have composed a letter to send to (the largest freelance writing ezine in the world), to the major freelance writing watchdog groups and websites, to the National Writer's Union, to the Better Business Bureau in Arizona, and to the Arizona Attorney General's office. I will mail these letters in ten business days (May 27th, 2008) if I have not received payment by then.

    I sincerely hope that I do not have to mail the complaint letters.

    Thank you,

    Katrina Robinson”

    I received a reply from Ms. Guy the following day (May 13, 2008). Ms. Guy’s email stated that Pure Times Magazine was forced to shut down in December 2007 due to financial reasons. While Ms. Guy apologized for the inconvenience that I and the rest of the contract writers, graphic artists, administration and web artists experienced, it did not directly state that payment was forthcoming. Ms. Guy continued on to say that she hoped to use our services again in the future if the magazine is able to find new investors. While I understand and empathize with Ms. Guy’s distress, I am unsympathetic with her lack of communication and payment.

    I want to pass on my experience with Ms. Guy and Pure Times Magazine so that other freelancers can be forewarned about the way that this company operates.


    Katrina Robinson

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    Hello, just a couple of observations;

    1) First of all, I usually try to establish myself before damaging someone else's reputation. If nothing else you sound a bit more credible.

    2) Unforeseen circumstances that happen to a publishing company is nothing new. That usually means a change of editors, or a shut down. I'm just saying, this is not exactly the first company to delay payment or not pay at all.

    3) Since your article is on a URL that doesn't exist, that means the rights revert back to you, correct? At least it's off the website, which is something.

    In any case, I'm sure someone else will take your advice, so maybe you're doing some good. For $200 dollars, I think it's a waste of time myself. There are a lot of publishers which would deny your article would exist at all, or send abusive e-mails back. This place at least is being honest when it says it's fallen on hard times, and you have the rights back to your article. (shrug)
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    Hapless Virago IceCreamEmpress's Avatar
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    I'd take her to Small Claims Court myself.

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    Preditors & Editors Requiescat In Pace DaveKuzminski's Avatar
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    I've seen the evidence. The writer should take the publisher to court.

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    Well begun is half done... Mumut's Avatar
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    Take as much action as you can for not much extra cost. Free if possible. Too many people think they can waste other people's money they cry poor. They don't deserve to get away with it.

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    Brian Boru brianm's Avatar
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    Suing in small claims court requires serving the person. If she is not in your state, you'll need to have her served in her state and sue from there. Or wait until she comes to your state to serve her and sue from your state. More than likely, she won't show in court, you'll get a judgement, and then you'll need to begin procedures to collect on that judgement. If you can find her.

    My advice is to continue warning about this person and mark it down as an inexpensive lesson learned. Suing is time consuming, irritating, costly, and not worth it for so small an amount of money.
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    I grow my own catnip JulieB's Avatar
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    Katrina: Welcome to AW. You might want to bring your concerns up in the freelance forum.

    Sadly, publications do go under. If you freelance long enough, it happens. Be persistent, and if it becomes clear that you won't get paid, seek out the advice of a tax professional. You may be able to write it off as a bad debt.

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    practical experience, FTW KCH's Avatar
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    Service for a complaint smalls claim court doesn't always have to be in person. Check the laws of your state. US Mail is recognized as sufficient for service in many jurisdictions that I'm casually aware of. You'll need an actual street address for service, though. No P.O. Boxes or e-mail. Be sure to name whomever signed the contract and Pure Times in the complaint, not just Christina Guy.

    You could go for a domain takedown--basically, notifying the server that the site is in violation of copyright. I'm sure there are threads on how to do that here, or google DCMA. The server is required by law under DMCA to take it down with the proper verification, which you have. Just add to the top of your letter that copyright was granted in exchange for payment, which was never received. Consequently, they do not have rights to publish.

    The web page with your article is still up at

    Too bad it didn't work out for you--or them, for that matter. The site looks like it had potential. Tasteful, upscale. Neiman-Marcus ads, NBC etc.

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    Mostly Harmless SuperModerator CaoPaux's Avatar
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    Resumed as an online mag in '09, and recently became a print quarterly. New URL:

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