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Thread: Tracking?

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    That manuscript tracking software mentioned in the children's writing board--is it legit? I'm scared to download things. Does anyone have experience with that program or one like it that I could download and know that it won't eat my computer?

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    Re: Tracking?

    i have no idea about the usefulness of this software, sounds like it's for writers who have lots and lots of things out to sub; but usually downloading is relatively safe these days, i think. there are built-in safeguards. now just wait, soon as i say so your machine will get killed and you'll come after me with an axe ... sigh ... but investigate on your own machine, many of them use mcafee as a default for downloading, and maybe get norton antivirus if you haven't. i also have a firewall which seems very useful. turn it off while you download ...

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    FM St George

    Re: Tracking?

    I've downloaded it and I have a firewall and a virus detection program on my system - I then transferred it to my laptop where it's working just fine.

    most, tho not all, viruses tend to be attached to "hot" and "popular" programs that will be downloaded and spread the virus as fast as possible - it's unlikely (tho not ever guaranteed) that a small program aimed at a small group of people would be targeted as a good venue for infecting the internet.

    having said that, definitely make sure you have a firewall and virus detection program around at all times and fully activated and up to date - you have no idea these days and it can't ever be too safe.

    jmo, ymmv.

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    Re: Tracking?

    I have Windows 98, if that matters. And Norton. Does Norton do firewall stuff too or do I have to get a different program for firewalls?

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    FM St George

    Re: Tracking?

    I have Mcafee, so I can't say -- best to check your program - just make sure you have the most recent updates and you should be fine.

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    Firewall Software

    A decent -- and FREE firewall is called ZoneAlarm. I think the url is, but doing a Google search would suffice if that isn't the correct url. Also, you'll have to configure the program, but that's fairly simple.

    Also, I would suggest AdAware and or SpyBot to track down any spyware and adware that's placed (w/o your knowledge usually) and to eliminate them. SpyBot is somewhat better though, as it is more comprehensive.

    also, if you can, download either the google search bar, or the yahoo companion bar, as they have pop-up blockers that work very well; if you don't have problems with pop-ups then disregard this.

    Hope this helps you.

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