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Thread: How long does it take to develop pneumonia?

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    How long does it take to develop pneumonia?

    I have a character who has chronically weak health. I need him to come down with pneumonia. He pushes himself, ignores his heath, so he's going to end up passing out at some point. Anyway I'm wondering if this timeline is too fast:

    Monday - He is exposed to a sick person (flu or cold or something)
    Tuesday/Wednesday - Develops symptoms of the sickness, insists he is okay. May also have a severe urinary tract infection.
    Friday - Passes out and taken to the hospital, treated for pneumonia.

    Plausible? Or would it take longer than that? I'm thinking the UTI would help speed things along, and let's also say he's not really taking care of himself in terms of eating right, drinking fluids, etc.
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