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They just went after me. And the sum total of my involvement is:

- when people condemn the site on Twitter, agreeing or RT-ing
- the comments I have made on this thread at AW
- a one sentence comment on Dear Author saying that I agree that the site's attacks were misogynistic.

My cowriter and I have a book coming out on August 6th, The Druid Stone, and since I'm checking it frequently, I noticed I had a drive-by one-star. I've gotten weird drive-by ratings sometimes on unreleased Goodreads entries, and I've never reported or complained much about it. I figure it's just a mistake. But for this one, I clicked on the rater and noticed they had rated hundreds of books today, and almost all of them were one-stars, and all the one stars had very little in common except that they were commenters at DA or associated with DA or Smart Bitches. I saw Meljean Brooks, Courtney Milan, Moira Rogers—"Sharon" had given one-stars to ALL 58 OF MOIRA ROGERS' BOOKS—Anne Somerville, Jane Litte (she has an anthology), Sarah Wendell. And then a few other m/m writers who might have been hit simply because they were associated with me and/or my cowriter on Goodreads.

I went ahead and commented and received the following response, capped here:

Other people commented after that in support of me, but since I haven't asked their express permission to post this cap, I cropped it all out except for my comment and "Sharon's".

On the upside, people flagged the hell out of this, and in five minutes Sharon's account was deleted and all her troll-stars were gone.

I hope this puts the lie to the whole "we stand up for authors" line at SGRB. They're going after authors, especially ones they think might be weak. Debut authors and women. All of "Sharon's" targets were women, I noticed.

I would encourage anyone who has spoken out against SGRB to check their books for troll reviews like this—the pattern is pretty easy to spot—and report them quickly and publicly. This is really only one or two petty, vicious people and the damage they can do is limited if people stand up against them and refuse to be cowed.
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