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Damned if you do, damned if you don't . . . tsk tsk tsk

My dear fellow human beings,

My love shall overcome your hatred. Love is stronger than hate. I have a habit of stating things repeatedly and redundantly because it's a way of branding, or making an impression on what Derrida calls the "Transcendental Signified." You guys are intellectuals, you know what I'm talking about.

My love shall overcome your hatred. I embrace opposition, I thrive on adversity, and this is the One Truth that gets me through it all. My love shall overcome your hatred. Love is stronger than hate. I am a survivor and I seek to evolve by adapting to adverse situations.

I came to visit you today to thank y'all for raising the stakes of the game of life for me. The crucifixion of my work shall lead to its glorious resurrection.

But the one thing I'm most grateful for is the complete and utter destruction of my self importance. This is the way to become a "man [or woman] of knowledge" according to Don Juan's teachings in Carlos Castaņeda's The Fire from Within.

My love shall overcome your hatred. Love is more powerful than hate. Go ahead and crucify my work. My writing is an open book for the whole world to read, plagiarize, bastardize, ridicule, violate and ultimately crucify.

Just remember that, in the end, my work shall withstand it all. My love shall overcome your hatred. There is no attack that can prevail against love.

Russet Noon is already embedded in the Transcendental Signified, and no amount of pitchforks, torches or petitions will be able to erase it. It is firmly sealed in the Akashic Records.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that my love shall overcome your hatred?

Glorianna Arias a.k.a Lady Sybilla
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