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More crap from PA

This was sent to another author who is trying to get out of her contract. :rollin

Do not address us in such a tone. :rofl Please consult a lawyer before making such nonsensical accusations.

You have not be given anything misleading or deceiving. It goes without saying that your contracts remain fully in effect and legally binding. A polite and coherent query will result in a response to your issues. :ha

Thank you,
Author Support Team

You are under a wide variety of misconceptions, and we will expect your apology.

We are not under any sort of investigation, by anyone.

We have never, throughout our history, been under any sort of investigation, by anyone. Not the IRS, and not anyone, ever.

We do not have any "German company," nor have we ever, throughout our history, had anything even remotely resembling a "German company."

No authors are "rescinding" their contracts. Such a thing would not be possible, as our contract is legally binding and not able to simply be "rescinded." :lol

If you want your ebook rights, we will grant them to you. We are a traditional publisher, and everyone of any credibility does consider us just that. :head

If you have valid or coherent concerns at all, we would be happy to reconsider our decision, but for now your request is denied, and your contracts remain fully in force.

Thank you,
Author Support Team

These responses have frightened the author they were sent to. I find them hilarious. It is an obvious attempt to use scare tactics to end the "PA Rebellion". I have news for them, the party has just started! :party