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08-09-2006, 11:27 PM
Hi All,
I'm a new writer and I want to submit a book idea to children's literature publishing companies.
How do you find out valid places to send your ideas?
I've seen books - publishing for dummies and what not.
Anyone have good recommendations?

08-10-2006, 03:32 AM
Hi Mahnikuh. Welcome to AW.

Take a look at the Children's Writing forum under Writing Studios and also check out the information at Bewares and Background Check on finding agents and publishers. You can also use the search option to search all the forums.

Good luck! I'm sure there are lots of people here who can answer your questions. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful, but I do non-fiction and am just starting out anyway.

08-10-2006, 03:55 AM
Hi Manikuh!

First, you need more than an idea to submit. If it's a novel or fiction picture book, you have to have the entire thing written and polished to perfection first. If it's nonfiction, you need an outline and at least part of it finished.

Then you can look into markets. The 2007 Children's Writer's and Illustrator's Market is a great book, with helpful articles as well as places to submit your work to.

Other great sites are www.verlakay.com (http://www.verlakay.com) and www.underdown.org (http://www.underdown.org) They are for children's writers. You can also scroll down here to the Children's Writers board.


L M Ashton
08-10-2006, 01:28 PM
Welcome, Mahnikuh. :)