View Full Version : Gotta Get the "Derp" Out - It's An Excersize

08-04-2011, 10:22 PM
How many people have read some pretty dang silly prose in stories (professional or self-published)?

I remember this zinger, "The light emancipated from the basement." (Derrr, eminated?)


"An irritated Eubanks exhaled irritatedly." (My derp senses are tingling)

You might be able to glean from my silly avatar that I am quite derp at times and proud of it.

Time to get the derp out, limber up, and get ready for a day of righting (writing) all good-like.

Write totally silly lines/paragraphs/excerpts... or write your favorite silly lines from another story!

Remember, there's a little derp in everyone. :hooray:

**I'll start - (my own)**

Marcus exhaled congruently before exponging a dreaded sigh of relief. He said, "My spleen is enlarged, doctor. Do you have spleen reducers you can describe (prescribe)?"