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07-16-2011, 06:09 AM
This is a writers game of sorts. The idea is for a story to be started, and then people add to it.

To participate, read the post before yours and write a continuation to it. The first post after each is the one that continues the story.

I have participated in games like this elsewhere before, and really had fun with it. It gives a chance to stretch your writing skills a little, and it's also a good warmup excercise.

Each addition should be under 300 words. I will start things off:

Bullies No More

I’m going to do it, David thought silently to himself as he sat fuming at his desk in Social Studies. I’m going show them all that I’m not a wimp, and they’ll wish they never messed with me.

David was shaking so badly, he couldn’t even hold his pencil to take notes as his teacher, Mister Wesley, talked about the Boston Tea Party. He was sweating profusely and his hand kept feeling for his backpack that rest on the floor beside him. He looked around the classroom at the other students. Luke and Steven were seated next to each other near the windows on the other side. The two bullies kept glancing over at him and smiling and trying to hide their sarcastic laughs.

For months now, David and others in the school…others that were too small too fight back…had been mocked, pushed around and smacked by Luke and Steven, ever since the school year started. They always picked on smaller kids that could not fight back…especially against both of them.
And the bullies had gained a special liking for David, whom they sought every chance to heap their abuse upon. He was sick of it, and today he would make them regret the day they had ever lifted a finger against him. Today, he would show them all.

As he continued to let his eyes roam over the other students he shook his head in disgust. None of them had ever lifted a finger to help David. They would regret that. All he had to do was open his bag…and pull out his father’s gun.

His hand once again felt for his backpack.

Silver King
07-17-2011, 04:00 AM
This thread is better suited to the Writing Exercises room, so we'll move it there now from Office Party.

Good luck with the story.