View Full Version : #QueryChat returns TONIGHT

Regan Leigh
09-16-2010, 12:18 AM
#QueryChat returns TONIGHT at 9pm EST.

This week's guests are:

OUR VERY OWN MACALLISTER STONE -- Writer and owner of Absolute Write (@AbsoluteWrite (http://twitter.com/AbsoluteWrite), http://absolutewrite.com/forums/ )

Victoria Strauss -- Novelist and co-founder of Writer Beware (@VictoriaStrauss (http://twitter.com/victoriastrauss), http://www.sff.net/people/victoriastrauss/index.htp )

Cassandra Marshall -- An agent intern and regular contributor to #QueryChat (@CA_Marshall (http://twitter.com/CA_Marshall), http://www.camarshall.com/ )


If you don’t already know, #QueryChat is a Twitter chat that takes place every couple of weeks. It’s a time for writers to gather so that they can ask questions and give advice to each other. It also includes helpful links and special guests, like agents or published authors. And sometimes we just vent about our latest query related emotional breakdown. I moderate #QueryChat, if you have any questions.

How do you join? Sign in to Twitter at the announced time (see @QueryChat (http://twitter.com/QueryChat), that’s me) and follow #QueryChat to watch the questions and answers fly. To participate, make sure to add #QueryChat in your tweets or we won’t see them!

More details here... (http://www.reganleigh.com/?p=1472)