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  1. Mississippi and Michigan primaries
  2. The Wachowskis are officially Sisters.
  3. Bobby Jindal and Louisiana's fiscal crisis
  4. RIP Sir George Martin
  5. Sandersí Michigan Upset Offers Warning Signs to Clinton
  6. Gun Advocate Shot By Toddler Son
  7. Brokered Convention for the GOP???
  8. Issue Division: Deportation
  9. Denmark Prosecuting Children's Rights Author for "Trafficking" Syrian Refugee Hitchhiker Family
  10. Hillary Clinton apologizes for praising Nancy Reaganís response to HIV/AIDS
  11. Trump Rally In Chicago Canceled At Last Minute
  12. Obama: Personal Privacy is a Fetish
  13. Bernie Sues for Ohio Youth Vote
  14. Senator's Office shot up.
  15. Oh Hillary, Don't Ever Change...
  16. Pro-Russian Anti-Refugee Party On Rise in Germany
  17. February Smashed Global Temperature Records: NASA -- March even worse. Now April also... May... June
  18. "Dirty" Biofuels Much Worse Than Petroleum Diesel, "May Have Increased EU Greenhouse Emissions"
  19. March 15th Primaries
  20. Mission Accomplished, Syria Edition
  21. ***
  22. WASHINGTON ó President Obama will announce on Wednesday his choice to fill the Supreme Court vacancy
  23. Oompa Loompa Endorses Eddie Munster for President
  24. The Donald issues a big warning to the GOP
  25. Obama kicks open a big door to Cuba
  26. Trump's Path to 1,237
  27. Sea World To End Orca Breeding Program
  28. Ta-Nehisi Coates' illumination of institutional racism
  29. MLB Player Forfeits $13 Mil Contract
  30. States May Regulate Consensual BDSM behavior - US District Court
  31. Hulk Hogan Wins Lawsuit Against Gawker
  32. She ain't no de Gaulle
  33. A Reason for Optimism?
  34. Explosions in Brussels
  35. RIP Rob Ford, 46
  36. *Sigh*
  37. Boaty McBoatface leads public vote to name new £200m British research vessel
  38. The Secret Origin of the War on Drugs
  39. Alabama Governor and the latest sex scandal
  40. Guess who's positioning himself for a 2020 Presidential run?
  41. Former Bosnian Serb Leader Radovan Karadzic Guilty Of Genocide, War Crimes
  42. Maybe we need another Law of Robotics: A robot shall not engage in Social Media.
  43. Literature as Defense!
  44. RIP Garry Shandnling
  45. College and University Tolerance
  46. What believing in God does to your brain
  47. Instagram Says Reading is Cool Again
  48. RIP, Earl Hamner, Jr.
  49. Sanders romps in Washington, Alaska, Hawaii
  50. Excess is never good, including PC
  51. Explosion in Lahore
  52. RIP Terry Brain
  53. The under-the-table deal in the Petraeus scandal
  54. Parents Ruin Easter Egg Hunt
  55. RIP, Blake Brockington
  56. Shots Fired in D.C.
  57. 33,000 people say they want guns allowed at the Republican National Convention
  58. Clinton will not debate Sanders until he "changes his tone"
  59. Whistleblower who outed abusive superior fired from Texas Tech U
  60. RIP, Patty Duke
  61. An Open Letter from a Trump Strategist-turned-Defector
  62. Debunked disgraced ex-doctor's anti-vaccination film yanked from de Niro's Tribeca film fest
  63. Make Magic an Art
  64. Former Cabinet minister Jean Lapierre reported to be on plane that crashed on Magdalen Islands
  65. RIP James Noble.
  66. Wentworth Miller on fat shaming.
  67. So About that Pledge
  68. Lying bastard
  69. Introducing the new, "discreet" firearm
  70. Arizona Election Fraud Hearing
  71. So sayeth Shakespeare, "Here come da' Judge"
  72. Sanders not (currently) on the ballot for the DC Primary in June
  73. And it's goodnight from him.
  74. Trump suspends campaign, endorses Clinton
  75. Breaking News: McConnell Indicted
  76. CIA leaves explosives on school bus for days after a drill
  77. Trump won't rule out Third Party Option (Fox interview)
  78. DC Madam Case To Affect Presidential Election?
  79. Trump on Nuclear Weapons
  80. "Mr Trump is a disgrace, but Mr Cruz is not the solution" - The Economist
  81. Majority of Scotland's Mainstream Party Leaders Identify As LGB
  82. mass grave and destruction in Palmyra
  83. Marijuana Dispensary Interested in Mile High Stadium Naming Rights
  84. Here's something that might be fun and does have to do with Politics, but it's kind of OT.
  85. The new and improved Donald Trump
  86. Obama, Romney Reach Across Aisle to Defuse Major Threat
  87. Pakistan honour killings on the rise, report reveals
  88. Massive Documents Leak Reveals Secret Offshore Tax Havens of Ultrarich, World Leaders
  89. Freed from Boko Haramís rape camps, but their nightmare isnít over.
  90. Supreme Court upholds one person, one vote 8-0
  91. UK's Dust pollution in spring 2014 was caused by farming practices & industry, but not Sahara dust
  92. Many UVA Med Students Believe Blacks Don't Feel Pain As Whites Do
  93. Does "Why" Matter? RE: Being Ultra Rich
  94. Representative Louie Gohmert opposes STEM Education Bill
  95. The other Mississippi story - Confederate Heritage Month
  96. Wisconsin called for Sanders and Cruz
  97. Feminist cupcake bake sale attacked by misogynistic trolls
  98. Merle Haggard Dead on 79th Birthday
  99. Operation Babylift
  100. German prosecutors probe comic's poem about Turkey president
  101. Bangladesh: another day, another dead writer
  102. Sometimes, I ((heart)) Bill Clinton...
  103. This is why we can't have nice things
  104. Coding While Black
  105. On Poverty
  106. Seven-year-old's Text Saves Refugees
  107. Trump does Robert Frost
  108. Globe Predicts Front Page from a Trump Presidency
  109. Obama acknowledges worst mistake as POTUS
  110. Keiko Fujimori wins first round of presidential elections in Peru
  111. Remote Farm Becomes a Digital Hell.
  112. Emergency closings of privately-built public schools in Scotland leave 7000 students stranded
  113. Nations within Nations
  114. Freudian(?) Typo RE: Trump's NY Strategy
  115. Man in Women's Locker Room Cites Gender Rule
  116. DeBlasio and Clinton: not a good comedy team
  117. Schuyler Bailar, First D1 Transgender Swimmer, Joins Harvard's Men's Team
  118. Beverly Cleary turns 100
  119. Not exactly current events, but textbook recommendation advice
  120. Fallout for North Carolina's LGBT law
  121. Cruisin' to Cuba, no Cubans allowed
  122. Daniels vs. Canada: Metis and Non-Status Indians are to be under Federal jurisdiction.
  123. Microsoft Sues U.S. Justice Department over Secret Data Searches
  124. Manson Family Member May Get Parole
  125. SCoC: Two decisions reaffirm the unconstitutionality of mandatory minimum sentencing
  126. 7.4 Earthquake hits Japan
  127. This Knife Cuts Both Ways
  128. Chicago Task Force Report On Police Accountability
  129. Saudi Arabia Warns of Economic Fallout if Congress Passes 9/11 Bill
  130. Separation of church and state - some are unclear on the concept.
  131. Sad but true but funny, too
  132. I guess Raymond and Debra can stop hiding now. RIP.
  133. Boston and the Catholic Church
  134. Heroin A.M.
  135. PM Trudeau "Gets" Quantum Computing
  136. Bernie Sanders 2014 tax return
  137. New York Primary Results
  138. Houston, Texas, flooding.
  139. Bizarre, contentious political climate earns local writer a one-fingered salute
  140. Kindly Judge Rules Norway Is Too Mean to Mass Murderer of 77 People
  141. RIP Prince, 57
  142. All diesel cars tested by the UK violate emissions limits on the road
  143. RIP Former Wrestler Chyna
  144. Major DC comics editor outed as serial sexual harasser
  145. The wages of smug is Trump.
  146. Hillary the Hawk
  147. High School Freshman's Anti-Bullying Film
  148. A Boycott Against Target
  149. Picture this? Some just can't.
  150. RIP Lonnie Mack
  151. Facebook removed every Bernie Sander's group with significant membership numbers.
  152. Finally
  153. Northeast Primaries
  154. #MoreThanMean - Massive Trigger Warnings for link
  155. Another Backseat Toddler Shooting
  156. Oklahoma: where some rapes are cool but abortion may be illegal in any circumstance
  157. Dog meat festival in China
  158. Cutting the budget to art programs: now coming to a school near you
  159. Daniel Berrigan, member of the Catonsville Nine, dies at 94
  160. Victims of Communism Day
  161. Iced Dumbassery
  162. Latest Rasmussen poll has Trump leading Clinton by 2 points.
  163. Fort McMurray is burning up
  164. Indiana Primary
  165. Breaking news: Cruz suspends campaign
  166. Bathroom Wars
  167. Clinton vs. Trump - A Win for Society
  168. Breaking: John Kasich is dropping out
  169. snap poll: If the election were held right now, how would you vote?
  170. Chris Mathews: maybe it's time to hang it up, you knuckle-dragger?
  171. Child Marriage Laws in the US -- Time for an update?
  172. No, First-Class seating on airplanes isn't causing "air rage"
  173. So much for the flamboyant legacy of Boris Johnson
  174. Trump U fraud trial
  175. BLM at West Point?
  176. The New Face of Terror: Math
  177. Happy Mothers Day
  178. Harvard cracks down on Greeks
  179. Obama administration sues North Carolina over anti-LGBT law
  180. Caitlyn Jenner to Post Semi-Nude for Sports Illustrated Cover
  181. Henry Kissinger Appreciation Day
  182. Has Legalization of Marijuana Caused Increase in Traffic Fatalities?
  183. hmmm............
  184. FBI Director: Recording Cops Responsible For More Crime
  185. Lethal Injection With...?
  186. Strange Bedfellows: Campus Speech Edition
  187. Donald Trump, sock puppet
  188. Arkham Advertiser, May 15, 2016
  189. For Obama, an Unexpected Legacy of Two Full Terms at War
  190. The A-hole Who Saved Baby Hitler
  191. Astronomical software accurately dates 2,500-year-old lyric poem
  192. One Good Thing Trump Has Done
  193. SCOTUS: So they made a decision which was not to decide
  194. China dead silent on the 50th anniversary of the start of the Cultural Revolution.
  195. Hillary Clinton Wins Kentucky Primary
  196. Johnson-Weld on the Libertarian ticket?
  197. Guy Clark has died
  198. one of the Chibok schoolgirls found alive
  199. Egyptair Flight MS804 vanishes from radar
  200. House of the Flying Elbows, or Fuddle-Duddle
  201. RIP Morley Safer, 84 "No he's not a communist, he's a Canadian."
  202. Drone Take Down Renaissance Style
  203. Oklahoma Strikes Again
  204. Federal LGBT rights measure shot down in House vote
  205. Shooting at White House.
  206. The Mind of Donald Trump - Dan P McAdams - The Atlantic
  207. Happy news for Floridians
  208. UN inquiry: New UK child tax credit policy may violate childrens rights by demanding proof of rape
  209. Internet Outrage Culture
  210. If this ends up before the Supreme Court, I'm moving to Canada.
  211. South African bank robbed...from Japan
  212. Clarence the Cruel Is At It Again
  213. Hillary and Supergirl
  214. Ken Starr brought down for not investigating sex crimes
  215. The Taos (and elsewhere) Hum
  216. Analyze this...
  217. There are strange and magical things happening in the Netherlands this week.
  218. Meanwhile, back on the continuing opening of Cuba front
  219. A real lost city
  220. The inherent unfairness of bedtime stories.
  221. Rigged System Unfairly Awards Delegates In Washington State
  222. "Grit" little more than "old wine in new bottles?"
  223. Australia censored from UN climate change report because it doesn't want to scare off tourists
  224. Posting this because it's awesome
  225. Exclusive: White House Blocks Transfer of Cluster Bombs to Saudi Arabia
  226. Proof that conservatives can change!
  227. Washington's Optimism Brewing Company's Genderless Approach
  228. I can't even dream up a title for this thread:
  229. Sanders vs. Trump: Could It Happen? How Would Bernie Win?
  230. Harambe shooting and Prosecution?
  231. 26 women sexually assaulted at concert in Germany
  232. Where journalists are most at risk
  233. Tiger Temple shut down with visitors gawking
  234. Chicago Settles Whistleblower Lawsuit
  235. Summer Olympics in Brazil: what to do
  236. The Perks Are Great. Just Donít Ask Us What We Doówhere adware comes from
  237. ISIS is losing ground, but anti-ISIS forces aren't gaining ground
  238. Easy come, easy go...
  239. Is this just asking for it?
  240. Major Endorsement for Bernie Sanders
  241. Tertius the Brewer, Junius the Cooper and Julius Classicus
  242. Keepin' it classy...
  243. Convicted Rapist Given Light Sentence To Lessen Negative Impact On Him
  244. The Fall of Salon
  245. When are religious considerations valid?
  246. RIP Dave Swarbrick
  247. California Senate Race - Interesting Situation
  248. The System of Collateral Consequences
  249. Ali's gone
  250. The Unelectables.