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  1. Woman to be cursed at and called blind on weekly basis
  2. About That Beatitude
  3. John Oliver is a Bloody Genius
  4. Ellen Pao Loses Gender Discrimination Suit
  5. Jeb Bush: "Funny, You Don't Look Hispanic..."
  6. Revenge is a dish best served over 18 years....
  7. Rand Paul: I am Running for President.
  8. Obama wants Cuba removed from terror-sponsor list
  9. The "You Can't Donate to Snowden" Order: Assault on the 1st Amendment?
  10. White Police Officer Charged With Murder Of Black Man
  11. The Anchorage, Alaska, mayoral election
  12. The Titan Arum Blooms: Alberta election, May 5
  13. President Buhari, Nigeria's not so new leader
  14. Congratulations! It's a boy!!!
  15. Hillary Clinton Poll Watch
  16. Judge Gave Child Molester a Light Sentence: Public Outrage Ensues
  17. Kremlin Geopolitics 2015: the first six-fold prognosis
  18. Another Police Violence Case: San Bernardino County
  19. World's First Head Transplant?
  20. RIP Stan Freberg, 1926-2015
  21. UK General Election 2015
  22. Good news for unemployment as new jobs become available with explosive new benefits packages!
  23. Houston "Cop of the Year" Busted on Major Drug Charges
  24. South Carolina to Women: It's all MEN are Created Equal, and Don't You Forget it.
  25. New Presidential Candidate running as independent.
  26. Dying Suspect Berated by Police After Taser/Gun Mix-Up
  27. You'll never guess what Hillary Clinton did today!
  28. The Literary Man
  29. Günter Grass Dead at 87
  30. Marco Rubio announces his presidential bid
  31. Caption This: When Madonna Kissed Drake (High "Ew!" Factor).
  32. Do you know Cheryl's birthday? Math problem stumps Internet
  33. Holographic Protest in Spain
  34. The Mother of all cheating scandals...
  35. R&B singer Percy Sledge dies at 73
  36. Police assault suspect with a deadly weapon
  37. Scandal 2016! ImmigrantGrandma-Gate!
  38. Clinton Evolves on Gay Marriage
  39. Democratic Prez Field Doubles Number of Ex-Republicans
  40. Hello Operator?
  41. Bring guns, not gays.
  42. Everybody's Welcome At Our Conference!
  43. Jettisoned Over Jesus
  44. My, How We've Grown!
  45. Jimmy Carter to "observe" Guyana May elections
  46. Jury Duty. Blecch
  47. A dismal anniversary--the Lochner decision
  48. .
  49. Caption Me! Jeb's Big Gun Edition
  50. 'Feminist' removed from shirt in class photo
  51. Genocide Jackson off the $20 bill?
  52. "I'm awesome!" Says Vet Who Shot Cat In The Head With Bow and Arrow/AKA Questions To Ask Your Vet
  53. Criminals commit crimes; motives unclear.
  54. 20 Year Anniversary of OKBOMB
  55. Parents question blacks only school trip.
  56. Trans Guy = Ultimate Guy?
  57. Men Have Problems.
  58. critiques of presidential doodles
  59. Ludlow Massacre anniversary
  60. U.S. carrier moving off coast of Yemen to block Iranian arms shipments
  61. Kermit: Not Just a Muppet
  62. Most authors earn less than minimum wage from their writing, survey finds
  63. Obama and the "3 month vs 1 year" breakout time for Iranian nukes
  64. Same Sex Marriage Will Be Deadly
  65. The NRA will be talking about this one for years
  66. Time to change the "Land of Rape & Honey" slogan?
  67. Canada's Federal Budget Bill: Copyright on recordings extended from 50 years to 70 years
  68. Say Cheese!!!
  69. Warren Warns of TPP
  70. Senate Confirms Loretta Lynch as Attorney General After Long Delay
  71. FBI Admits Committing Decades-long Forensics Fraud
  72. Global Shaking: The seismic cost of fracking
  73. Canada Caps Regulatory Expense
  74. Chile's Calbuco volcano errupting
  75. Sawyer Sweeten, 1995-2015
  76. Lois Lilienstein, 1936-2015
  77. Jury Duty SUCKS
  78. You're Hella Gay, I'm Hella Str8
  79. Gay businessmen host Ted Cruz, face backlash
  80. Over 40? $50! Under 40? FREE ADMISSION!
  81. In Tennessee: No exceptions for rape, incest, or mental health because they "aren't verifiable."
  82. 7.9 Magnitude Quake hits Nepal
  83. Bruce Jenner: The Interview
  84. Sabeen Mahmud gunned down after "disappearances" talk in Pakistan
  85. Hit the president of Venezuela, get a new house!
  86. An Auschwitz Survivor Face To Face With a Former Nazi Prison Guard.
  87. Adam Sandler Makes a "Satire" and Shockingly Fucks Up
  88. New Zealand
  89. Police "Coup" prevents New Mayor from Taking Office.
  90. Rioting in Baltimore after Freddie Gray's Funeral
  91. School Shooter Taken Down By Teacher Packing...
  92. NOT Police Brutality
  93. Oral arguments in Obergefell v Hodges
  94. Test Your Current Events Knowledge Vs. Americans
  95. Can You Name... (Spinpff From Current Events Poll Thread)
  96. Rumors: Warp Speed Ahead or Move Over Zefram Cochrane?
  97. Nigerian army 'rescues nearly 300' from Sambisa Forest
  98. Woman Discovers 2-Way Mirror in Bar Bathroom
  99. Texas is getting paranoid.
  100. Bernie's In: A Pain in Hillary's Left Flank
  101. NOT not police brutality
  102. Promoting rape culture, or just damn stupid marketing?
  103. What Is The American Dream?
  104. Now Texas Wants to Defund Public Schools.
  105. "Hobby Lobby on Steroids"
  106. Two Female Reporters Banned from attending Mayweather-Pacquiao fight
  107. New and exciting scam to watch out for!
  108. Utah's Solution to Chronic Homelessness
  109. Waitress to Kansas Gov. Brownback: Tip the Schools
  110. Drawing Mohammad
  111. Officer shot in face, dies from wound.
  112. The Car Gets Another Clown
  113. You've been served....
  114. CA Attorney General Aide, others arrested for impersonating police officers
  115. U.S. Former House Speaker Jim Wright Dies at Age 92
  116. If Hostage Rescue isn't at your home in 30 minutes or less, your pizza is free!!
  117. You Should Feel Bad for Reading to Your Kids
  118. Video of Attempted Home Invasion and Assault of 13-year-old Girl
  119. Don't go to Atlanta, Ga for next 12 hours
  120. The Path Out of Poverty
  121. Ottawa considering hate charges for those who are boycotting Israel
  122. This is not the creep you're looking for.
  123. Two Police Officers Killed In Mississippi
  124. "I shot George Zimmerman, call 911"
  125. White supremacists accused of planning for 'race war' in Florida
  126. Picasso's Women of Algiers smashes auction record
  127. Second Major Quake In Nepal - 7.3
  128. Christianity In US In Decline
  129. Senate Democrats Knock Down Obama's Trade Bill
  130. Amtrak Train Derails, At Least 5 Dead
  131. SuperMax Prison: Worse Than Death?
  132. And the blues are a little bluer today....
  133. Man Claims Land for His Princess
  134. There's No Place Like ::1
  135. No Vaccine? No Public School.
  136. Sorry 'bout that.
  137. The Impact of Driverless Cars
  138. Rival Biker Gangs shoot it out in Waco
  139. Obama: Applying Some Brakes To Police Militarization
  140. Sunset for an Oligopoly
  141. the 1 % retailers
  142. Help wanted
  143. Suspect identified in DC slayings...
  144. Middle School teacher fired for arranging time slots for student sex in his classroom.
  145. Big Banks Plead Guilty to Market Manipulation
  146. Officer Caught Sleeping On The Job?
  147. Stuffed Tiger On SUV Generates 911 Call
  148. Boy Scouts President Calls For End To Gay Scoutmaster Ban
  149. Officer killed in line of duty on her last day before leave.
  150. LOLZ, Scrabble has been pwned!
  151. So what SHOULD Oakland CA cops be doing on the job?
  152. Josh Duggar-Reality TV Star, Family Activist, Child Molester
  153. Things That Cost $30: Some Hardbacks, Couple of DVDs, A Hot Dog In NYC...
  154. What a party pooper!
  155. One Third of American 8th Graders Think Canada Is A Dictatorship
  156. Memorial Day memories...
  157. Ireland backs gay marriage in 'landslide' victory
  158. Art or Appropriation? Rephotography and Fair Use for $Hundreds of Thousands
  159. Cleveland Police Officer Acquitted of Manslaughter in 2012 Deaths
  160. Oh wow. John Nash, the mathematician of "A Beautiful Mind" fame, was killed yesterday in a car crash
  161. ALEC Uncovered - Lobbyist Funding Caught on Tape
  162. Texas Flooding
  163. I thought my hands were looking a little big these days....
  164. Violent Crime Spikes In Baltimore
  165. Killer heat wave in India : Over 1000 dead
  166. Fat Shaming Drawings at Lily Pulitzer
  167. Poor Guy Arrested for Theft
  168. No senior class trip for this class.
  169. Wealthy Millenial Women Earning As Much As Or More Than Their Partners.
  170. Southwest Airlines Diverts Flight For Passenger With Family Emergency
  171. Got Hope? Nope, says Obama poster artist.
  172. WTF is wrong with police in the U.S.?
  173. Something is missing here
  174. Former US Speaker Dennis Hastert indicted
  175. Anti- Islam Protest Planned At Phoenix Mosque, Organizer Encourages People To Bring Their Guns
  176. A Woman's Letter To The Man Who Told Her To Take Her (disabled) Child Out Of The Movie Theatre...
  177. Abuser murders girlfriend and baby, kills 2 others while fleeing police
  178. Founder of Silk Road Gets Life in Prison
  179. Truth & Reconciliation Commission Report Released
  180. Another Police Shooting Cover-up Exposed?
  181. Texas Open Carry Law
  182. Beau Biden has died of brain cancer
  183. So where did ISIS come from? Well, it's kind of a funny story...
  184. 41 charged with murder in Rana Plaza Collapse
  185. Veterinarians don't need science?
  186. Caitlyn Jenner - looking beautiful!
  187. RIP Jacques Parizeau, 84
  188. The Guardian and The Counted
  189. If I Have Gay Children: Four Promises From A Christian Pastor/Parent
  190. NSW parliament officially condemns sports broadcaster as "continual boofhead"
  191. The Other FIFA Scandal
  192. Who could complain against students getting an extra credit assignment?
  193. America, please keep these people at home...
  194. Time to Terminate the TSA
  195. "Out-of-control Texas cop pulls gun on children"
  196. Creativity and psychosis share a genetic source: study
  197. Kalief Browder, Jailed for Three Years Without Trial, Commits Suicide
  198. DOJ Uses Grand Jury Subpoena To Identify Anonymous Commenters on a Silk Road Post at Reason.com
  199. Obama seeks to have NSA Bulk Collection Ruling Overturned by Secret Court
  200. delete
  201. "The enemy of my enemy"--Al Qaida branch in Libya declares Jihad on IS group
  202. Cautionary Tale: A Parable of Science Fiction
  203. ERMAGERD! Teh ghey is ruining this straight couple's marriage!
  204. Nobel scientist Tim Hunt talks about what's wrong with women
  205. RIP Christopher Lee
  206. SCOC: Forcing medical marijuana users to only smoke violates the Charter
  207. Cop Who Killed Tamir Rice Should Face Murder Charges, Judge Rules
  208. Murdoch stepping down; sons stepping up
  209. NAACP leader in Washington state just lets everyone think she's black...
  210. They Paved Paradise and Put Up a Parking Lot
  211. Renewed serial killer hunt in Edmonton after more remains found.
  212. Tenets of P&CE
  213. The "Tenets of P&CE" Discussion Thread
  214. We're using the Bible in schools now
  215. Cops Busted by Hidden Cam: Medical Marijuana Dispensary Raid Edition
  216. Venezuela claims 2/3 of Guyana's land, and now all its waters. Because oil.
  217. One of the most evil things I've ever heard of -Doctor gives chemo to patients who don't have cancer
  218. New York Prison Escape
  219. Evidence that a modest gun control law can reduce gun homicides
  220. Jeb! - Punctuation and Politics
  221. Body Cam Law Signed for all SC Police Forces
  222. "Kickended"
  223. Matt Haig gets hate on Twitter for planning book about masculinity
  224. Kirk Kerkorian Dead at 98
  225. Trump!
  226. MacCain-Feinstein Anti-Torture Amendement Passes
  227. Coincidence or JAWS? 3 shark attacks on same NC beaches within days
  228. California Rules Uber Drivers Are Employees
  229. The World Is Running Out Of Water
  230. Reprise: 9 dead in shooting at black church
  231. Abusive husband shoots and kills wife in front of seven year old daughter
  232. Papal Encyclical Addresses Climate Change
  233. The New Face of the US $10 Bill: A Woman
  234. Another story of a cop killing an unarmed teen
  235. Study Says Humans Have Brought About 6th Mass Extinction Event
  236. Two Preachers: Setting Themselves on Fire
  237. Thread alert: Charleston (9 Dead in shooting...) thread is experiencing technical difficulties.
  238. The S.C. Confederate Flag: Let It Fly High or Take It Down?
  239. President Obama Uses N–word In Interview
  240. A French teen makes MLB history
  241. Darryl Hamilton (former MLB player) killed in murder/suicide
  242. It ain't easy being green, Presidential Election Edition.
  243. Anesthesiologist trashes unconscious patient, ordered to pay $500k
  244. Obamacare Lawsuit Rejected by Supreme Court
  245. Supreme Court Upholds Consideration of Disparate Impact in Federal Housing Regulation
  246. Black church burned in Charlotte, N.C. early Wednesday morning
  247. Powerful piece from a former White Supremacist
  248. Suboenas, Gag Orders, Reason.com and the Abuse of Federal Authority
  249. Terrorist attacks in France, Tunisia, Kuwait
  250. Same Sex Marriage is 14th Amendment Right.