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  1. More BLM land fun in Texas?
  2. How Airbnb and Lyft Finally Got Americans to Trust Each Other
  3. Phoenix VA hospital accused of assembling a "secret waiting list" of vets who needed a doctor
  4. Big Corp buys "Fast Lanes" [sic] from FCC & NYT, Net Neurtality (Neutrality, too) loses
  5. You Might be a Terrorist If...
  6. If you thought Kelo or BLM were bad, try the AANDC for size..
  7. SCoC Rules on Senate Reform: Ottawa can't do it alone.
  8. Pay attention to your weather, folks
  9. Three out of four mass killings involve a gun
  10. Who here would I be able to get along with at a dinner party?
  11. Political position quiz - and where I stand on it
  12. Owner of the NBA team, The Clippers, in hot water over racist comments.
  13. A Fantastic Response to Racist Activity
  14. 'To Kill a Mockingbird' e-Book and Digital Audiobook
  15. From the 'Do as we say, not as we do" files...
  16. Driver kils teen boy, then sues.
  17. Churches sue North Carolina to allow same sex marriage.
  18. This is NOT romantic.
  19. Easiest and most practical way to deal with Stirling's comments
  20. Oklahoma Botches Execution
  21. libertarians discussing the concept of checking your privilege
  22. Bob Hoskins passed away
  23. Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe: Congress members' jobs are just too dirty for him
  24. Antonin Scalia Blunders Badly
  25. 22 Years Later: "Can we all get along?"
  26. Veterinarian accused of keeping sick dog alive to harvest its blood
  27. NASA Has a New Spacesuit
  28. The U.S. Senate race in Alaska
  29. Another Dog News Item. A Good One
  30. Teen arrested--plotted to kill family and bomb schools
  31. 44th aniversary of the Kent State shootings
  32. AGAIN??? "Not the Victim She Claimed to Be."
  33. Community Outreach: Purity Police Edition
  34. Young Blood Reverses Aging In Mice
  35. Reset the Net
  36. Holocaust Denial as a Debate Position in CA Schools
  37. Russians on the coast of California but not as you'd think
  38. British woman's life impacted by clerical error in her birth registry, "I'm a girl, not a boy"
  39. Look Up
  40. New Report On Global Warming Released
  41. RIP Farley Mowat, age 92
  42. Property No Longer Guilty Until Proven Innocent in Minnesota
  43. Monica Lewinsky
  44. Sex Offender Registry Needs Reform?
  45. SC Officer responds to 13 year old teens boy call in a way not in the manual.
  46. The untouchables (Trigger Warning)
  47. Eurovision Song Contest Final on Saturday. Transvestite gets to final. Go Conchita!
  48. The Silicon Valley Conspiracy or Why Big Business Always Eventually Breaks the Law If Left Unchecked
  49. Women in combat - a collection of perspectives
  50. Pop-Tart Guns Now Legal in Florida Schools
  51. Alaska wake up call
  52. U.S. Mother's Day a Hallmark creation? Not quite.
  53. Occupy protestor facing up to 7 years for *being* assaulted
  54. Radical Anti-gerrymandering
  55. Do Not Cross Clay Aiken
  56. Tax & Spend, Illinois Edition
  57. Florida Couple Fined $746 For Crime Of Feeding Homeless People
  58. Karl Rove lays another one
  59. Yukon man brought naked and shackled to court appearance.
  60. The 9 Most Influential Works of Scientific Racism, Ranked
  61. IQ Derail from I09 Racist list thread
  62. Is it politically acceptable to mock hillbillies and rednecks on campus?
  63. The pitiful state of music royalty payments
  64. Another example of the media making Kentuckians look like idiots
  65. Rand Paul Was Against Voter ID Before He Was For It.
  66. Russians using the ISS as a leveraging tool in Russian-US relations
  67. The US Army supposedly issues an official manual for how to handle the Zombie Apocalypse
  68. Police Militarization
  69. Massive dose of measles vaccine essentially cures a woman of her cancer
  70. Rush Limbaugh Wins Children's Book 'Author Of The Year' Award
  71. Slut Shamed Out of The Prom
  72. Who Made More in Royalties Last Year?
  73. Internet Fast Lane.
  74. You Have a Choice!
  75. India
  76. High School Year Book full of errors
  77. GM's Banned Words
  78. A real "Day of the Triffids" meteor shower slated for Fri-Sat, May 23-24, 2014
  79. Missing Girl Returned to Mom
  80. Mark Twain Naming Honour Scrapped For 'Racism'
  81. G.M. Becomes Government Motors Again
  82. Survivors, families outraged over 9/11 museum gift shop
  83. Students Request Trigger Warnings on Assignments
  84. Thailand Declares Martial Law
  85. Man arrested for attempting to make deposit at ATM
  86. Paralyzed Saudi man's plead for a visit becomes the most retweet thing in Saudi history.
  87. Climate Change and Corporate Welfare
  88. Man drugs and rapes wife for three years and is sentenced to hang out at home.
  89. Same Sex Marriage in the news today.
  90. German Exchange Student Shot in Montana
  91. Here we go again: this time it's eBay. They've been hacked. So please change your passwords.
  92. Another horrific terrorist attack in China
  93. FBI Struggling To Find Hackers Who Don't Smoke Pot
  94. Who Owns America?
  95. New French trains too fat for many stations.
  96. Voting Works!
  97. 100th Anniversary of the Komagata Maru Incident
  98. The most disgusting pro-rape-culture article I've found on a seemingly unrelated site...
  99. Iranian actress Leila Hatami faces public flogging
  100. Seven Dead In Shooting Rampage At UC Santa Barbara
  101. BLM proposes fracking near Chaco Canyon
  102. Alaska wildfire
  103. Michigan Suburb issues $200 fine for swearing
  104. This Just In: People Don't Taste Like Chicken
  105. Gove Strips American Classics from GCSE Syllabus
  106. Rapid spread of painful virus, new to Caribbean--now in Houston
  107. Americans' long-standing ambivalence about immigrants
  108. "When punctuation starts to really matter." --Memorial Day Edition
  109. A series of photograph everyone should see
  110. Rachel Carson, author of "Silent Spring" --the "Uncle Tom's Cabin" for environmentalism
  111. Palestinians seek FIFA sanctions against Israel
  112. Military Plans to Test Brain Implants to Fight Mental Disorders
  113. White House Blows their CIA Man's Cover
  114. "Everything is Broken" on Computer/Internet (lack of) Security
  115. Pregnant Pakistani woman stoned to death by family
  116. RIP Maya Angelou
  117. #ViolenceIsViolence — The double standard of domestic violence
  118. Army Hospital Chief Relieved of Command; Three Deputies Suspended
  119. You'd Stand On This, Right?
  120. Paul Ryan's Identity Problem
  121. Utah Highschool Yearbook Photos Altered (Prudes using Photoshop)
  122. Why License a Florist?
  123. Toss grenade into cot first, ask questions later
  124. Unfair policy or teaching students money management?
  125. Reasonable Gun Laws?
  126. Shinseki resigns after VA scandal
  127. Carney Out
  128. In case you thought Republicans weren't still attacking abortion.
  129. Soylent is now real. Let us hope it never goes green...
  130. Bizarre laws from across the US
  131. Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Freed, Republicans Mad How Obama Did It.
  132. Reading Parties
  133. Vigilante Justice: Car Crash Edition
  134. No More Hunger Games?
  135. "Solar Freakin' Roadways"
  136. Female-named hurricanes deadlier than male-named ones because people don't take them seriously
  137. "Wimpy Kid" author to open bookstore
  138. Two 12 yr. olds plot to murder classmate.
  139. Mass Infant Grave found in Irish Septic Tank.
  140. Hitler quote on billboard
  141. Journals as a for profit business model? Paying to publish for science.
  142. Nearly 300,000 Californians Vote For Gun Smuggling Candidate
  143. White House Maker Faire This Month
  144. Shooter loose, three Mounties dead and two wounded in New Brunswick
  145. TANSTAAFL, Austin Edition
  146. RIP Don Zimmer
  147. John Oliver absolutely NAILS it on the urgency of net neutrality
  148. Yet another shooting: Seattle Pacific University
  149. United States or America?
  150. RIP Chester Nez
  151. Thai protesters adopt 'Hunger Games' Salute, may be arrested.
  152. Shooter launched full frontal assault on Georgia court house
  153. Brooklyn artist trademarks "Pi" symbol, then issues cease-and-desist letters to Zazzle
  154. Russia used army of online comment trolls against American news sites
  155. Wisconsin same sex marriage ban overturned
  156. Anti-date-rape bill in California assailed by a) lies, and b) group contempt for its key sponsor
  157. Sword fight erupts in India
  158. Prison Reform
  159. Texas Republicans want to repair gays
  160. And yet another shooting . . .
  161. Mental Illness, or Guns?
  162. Holder announces new Domestic Terrorism task force
  163. First Time EVER! Computer Passes Turing Test
  164. Waffle House as a disaster recovery indicator
  165. Supreme Court: visa applicants who turn 21 must go to the back of the line
  166. The solution to homeless people being around? Spikes.
  167. Are Conspiracy Theories Dangerous to America?
  168. Rock of Ages -- Geologists have named a new type of rock: "plastiglomerate"
  169. Widespread US Police Surveillance Is Happening In Total Secrecy
  170. Fired for Sexting, But...
  171. Hillary Clinton's Goldman Sachs Problem
  172. It's too sad to say that there's been another school shooting, but Portland, Oregon
  173. Political Evolution Stories
  174. SCOTUS rules unanimously against Obama Admin's "boundless" Chemical Law Overreach
  175. California supreme court strikes down tenure
  176. Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC)
  177. Eric Cantor Loses GOP Primary
  178. 5 hours w/out a P&CE post
  179. Rick Perry Compares Homosexuality to Alcoholism
  180. Ontario Votes 2014
  181. Ramping Up The "Rape Debate" in India
  182. Obama's Pollyanna Pronouncement
  183. Tesla Motors reclassifies their patents as Open Source
  184. The fustercluck which is Iraq (again)
  185. Hillary Clinton Snaps at NPR Host for Questions About Gay Marriage Evolution
  186. MIT Scientist Claims Autism rate will hit 1out of 2 by 2025
  187. Gruesome assault in what some wonder if it was a racist attack in Prince Albert
  188. Nice Work If You Can Get It
  189. Lieutenant Sulu plotting a course -- George Takei championing gay rights
  190. And there goes the patience for Snuggles. (RIP Casey Kasem, 82)
  191. What Progress We've Made
  192. Planet Romney blames Eric Cantor's primary loss on Barack Obama
  193. Scarred Girl Asked to Leave KFC
  194. NYC Considers Changing Admission Criteria for Selective High Schools to Promote Diversity
  195. Chelsea Manning Strikes Back with NY times OpEd
  196. Facebook and the Supreme Court
  197. Supreme Court Rules Against Straw Purchases of Guns
  198. Bill Clinton wins poll of most admired President of the last 25 years
  199. Darwin Nominee? Killed While Vomiting From a Moving Vehicle
  200. P&CE's Most Admired Presidents Poll
  201. Smart Woman Disease
  202. Recently Declassified FBI Documents: Hitler Escaped to Argentina
  203. Fantastic Article on Guns and Gun Deaths
  204. 12 year old gets new birth certificate.
  205. Dr. Oz had a bad day today before Congress
  206. Benghazi Embassy Attack Suspect Captured
  207. Are you not entertained? Let's talk about football players dashing their brains in.
  208. Redskins NFL Team has trademark cancelled
  209. Münchausen by proxy for online attention
  210. "You'll shoot your one-eyed-monster out!"
  211. Marion Zimmer Bradley - Silence is Complicity (TRIGGERS)
  212. Deployed Navy Man Ordered to Appear in Custody Hearing
  213. Iraq Part 3: ISIS and Obama
  214. On Software Patents: Alice Corp. vs. CLS Bank
  215. Toddler dies after being forgotten in SUV all day
  216. A gun issue we can all probably agree on.
  217. Where can you not adopt your own son?
  218. Presbyterian Church to Allow Same Sex Marriages
  219. US to open immigrant family detention centers
  220. 3 Frat guys get expelled for sexual assault, but.............
  221. South Alaska thunderstorm
  222. Crowdsurfing classical style.
  223. Gordon Lish Goes Off
  224. Central Park Five Receive $40 Million (Makes Trump Mad)
  225. Let's Take A Whiz on Obama!
  226. Shaking Up Texas
  227. Bicycles, cars... and murder?
  228. Study links pesticide exposure in pregnancy to autism
  229. Dog's Throat Cut by Officer, Police Respond Affirmatively
  230. What to say when kids "get it"
  231. Blacbird, Check In! Quake/Tsunami/Worried
  232. 168 Children rescued this week in sex-trafficking crackdown
  233. Seattle Woman Sees Drone Peeping Into Her Apartment Window
  234. Woman Stops Car To Save Ducklings - Ends Up Facing Life In Prison
  235. Peter Greste
  236. Mississippi "poll watchers"
  237. Open Carry folks heading to Fifth Ward, Houston
  238. Snapshot of police militarization in the United States
  239. NO, NOT THE BEES!
  240. June 24th Election Results
  241. We Shall Overcome--Congressional Style
  242. Op-Ed: It's Not Gun Laws; It's (Mental) Health Laws
  243. Fascinating story about dialect
  244. Judge Declares Secretive No-Fly List Process Unconstitutional
  245. US Supreme Court: Warrants Needed to Search Cell Phone
  246. New Precedent on Gay Marriage
  247. Caption Me! Obama vs the Sneeze Guard Edition
  248. Kim Jong Un threatens merciless retaliation if new Seth Rogan film goes ahead.
  249. Burns survivor Turia Pitt on Aus magazine cover
  250. Supreme Court of Canada: large land claim granted to the Tsihqot'in, precedent set