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  1. Got Verizon? Then NSA has your call history.
  2. Do It Yourself Cyborg Kit
  3. (Rep) Doug Cox takes a stand for pro-choice
  4. looking for news website
  5. Not Your Uncle's Ricin Suspect
  6. East-West Split in the Canadian Conservatives growing more apparent
  7. ANOTHER Shooting Spree? Ho-Hum...
  8. A monster passes
  9. RIP Iain Banks
  10. CYA: State Department Edition
  11. Netherlands UFO????
  12. Greek austerity: Pull public television
  13. Stand Your Ground Laws via Salon [Ported Post]
  14. Switzerland wants answers from U.S. on CIA actions
  15. Grr! Me GOP Man Brain work more gooder than democrats who think like puny female brain!
  16. And now Wisconsin . . .
  17. US Supreme Court unanimous: Human genes cannot be patented
  18. Good news on the book sales front...
  19. Some good news for women for a change?
  20. Russia passes bill targeting open discussion of homosexuality
  21. Valedictorian mic cut during speech
  22. Star Wars fans accused of ‘disrespecting’ Army by joining in parade
  23. Nelson Mandela [still alive - obit accidentally published prematurely]
  24. Congress Seeks to Opt Out of Participating in Obamacare's Exchanges
  25. National Archives Opens Founders Online
  26. Iran: moderate candidate wins presidential vote
  27. Once a Weiner...
  28. Teacher fired because dangerous ex husband shows up at school
  29. NC lawmaker: Women should ‘duct tape’ nipples to stay out of jail
  30. Supreme Court to Rule Shortly On Same Sex Marriage
  31. 5 year old girl vs Westboro Baptist Church Smackdown.
  32. They're digging for Jimmy Hoffa again
  33. How to build a library on a reserve.
  34. Supreme Court strikes down Arizona Voter Registration Law
  35. 14 year old faces $500 fine and year in jail.
  36. What Started Out as The Brazillian Protests/Riots, Oddly Morphed Into a Thread About Inflation
  37. Supremes To Rule On Voting Rights Act
  38. I can't even think of a thread title for something this idiotic
  39. Nightclub installs spy mirrors in women's toilets
  40. What's wrong with this picture?
  41. House Passes Anti Abortion Bill
  42. Vince Flynn Dies :(
  43. Paula Deen is allegedly racist as hell
  44. Protests in Brazil
  45. UK Politician says affair resulting in child not wrong.
  46. More than 50 children removed from Manitoban Mennonite village
  47. James Gandolfini dead at 51
  48. This probably won't help matters in Syria...
  49. The F.B.I. Deemed Agents Faultless in 150 Shootings
  50. Ku Klux Klan member offers Israel a Death Ray
  51. Alberta Floods
  52. Exodus International closes with apology but "Sorry" just don't cut it
  53. Alice Munro to retire
  54. One reason U.S. education levels are so low
  55. Atheism and Conscientious Objector Status
  56. Law Enforcement Quiz
  57. Angela Merkel and her brass neck
  58. North Korea, US tensions: NKorea demanded United Nation command in South Korea end
  59. 25,000 wild bees poisoned in Oregon - oops
  60. Federal Regulations Have Made You 75 Percent Poorer
  61. Only White Male Democrats Need Apply
  62. A ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-d plant
  63. Obama says FISA court is transparent. Is he right?
  64. Student sues school district for $2 million over Facebook bikini photo
  65. Where's Waldo? (Or, in this case, Snowden?)
  66. Western Black Rhino now extinct
  67. Some basic principles before posting in P&CE--
  68. The meaning of "equality" -The Supremes to weigh in
  69. 12 yearold girl not allowed on Football team because of possible "impure" thoughts by boys on team
  70. Battery breakthrough using sulfur
  71. R.I.P. Richard Matheson
  72. The Amelia Earhart mystery may be unclouding a little
  73. Texas House Passses Strictest Abortion Bill In Nation
  74. SCOTUS rules part of Voting Rights Act unconstitutional
  75. New stock market in Toronto, Aequitas, looking to curb high frequency trading
  76. 3 Super Earths Discovered in the Habitable Zone of Nearby Star
  77. Israeli air strikes hit Gaza after Palestinian rocket fire
  78. Testosterone supplements and the "real man"
  79. Will Polyamory Come Out Of the Closet Next?
  80. This guy's a real D**k!
  81. SCOTUS ruling makes it harder to claim sexual harassment or discrimination at work
  82. Australia's PM gets the knife, again
  83. Murder Charges for Former New England Patriot
  84. Court Rules CA ban on paranormal romances in prisons unconstitutional
  85. If you are an uninsured U.S. immigrant, don't fall into a coma.
  86. Northern Ireland Court of Appeal: Same sex couples may adopt
  87. Senate Passes Immigration Reform Bill
  88. Pennsylvania Dem silenced by opponent citing 'God's law'
  89. Scotland's equal marriage video
  90. Buy Water, Go to Jail. Go Directly To Jail.
  91. Could You Have Passed the Louisiana Voter Literacy Test? Don't Bet On It.
  92. This is What Budget Cuts Have Done to Detroit
  93. 19 firefighters killed fighting Arizona Wild Fire
  94. Ecuador Offers US $23 million to provide human rights training
  95. Ohio Legislators Pass Budget Bill --With Abortion Restrictions
  96. Egyptian Demonstrations Gain Support Of Military
  97. All the Infrastructure a Tyrant Would Need
  98. Facebook comment = jail time.
  99. Obama's 'Power Africa' Plan Greases Billions In Deals For General Electric
  100. More Reproductive Rights Shenanigans - NC Edition
  101. Pa. mom settles suit over poppy seed drug test
  102. Resilience in the Wake of Superstorm Sandy
  103. Obama Punts on Key ACA Provision Until After Mid-Terms
  104. Another use for 3D printing
  105. A really astute commentary on sports, politics and social attitudes
  106. Bolivia President's plane rerouted--angers Latin America
  107. Costa Rica accidentally approves same-sex unions
  108. US bridge - 9 yrs, $170 million tax dollars - but no bridge
  109. US Civics Exam
  110. France, outraged at NSA spying, is doing it too.
  111. George Zimmerman Murder Trial
  112. Finger licking stupid.
  113. Quebec Town Ablaze After Freight Train Derailment
  114. Boeing 777 crashes in San Francisco
  115. This year's most funnest election
  116. Hipsters can't raise Chickens?
  117. Another Snowden we just haven't heard about yet?
  118. Wisconsin Abortion Law in Federal Court.
  119. Court OKs Barring High IQs for Cops
  120. Way To Go Florida: Governor Signs Law That Accidentally Bans All Computers & Smartphones
  121. Chandler Park Rabbits Ate My Alfalfa!
  122. The Broken Windows 7 Fallacy
  123. Ron Paul, Rand Paul -- The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree
  124. Majority of Americans view Snowden as a whistleblower
  125. Google Shows Its True Colors
  126. The plague of MRA papering on Whyte Ave
  127. Apple and ebook publishers found guilty of price-fixing
  128. Wallmart Pulls Out Of DC Over Living Wage Legislation
  129. Abortion Video on Display at Fountain Square
  130. Football (soccer) head case
  131. 'Pothole Robin Hood' Steals Asphalt, Fixes Potholes
  132. Drug Abuse Slashed in Half in a Decade
  133. Thanks for the Insurance Subsidy, Young Workers!
  134. Malala speaks
  135. Possible breakthrough in cancer treatment?
  136. Former HS teacher irks GOP, marking memos with red pen
  137. Paralysed man gives his treatment fund to disabled five-year-old
  138. TX police confiscate tampons and pads, guns A-OK
  139. And the jury is out.
  140. TV Reporter identifies plane crash pilots with racist joke names
  141. League of Legends now a Professional Sport for Visa Purposes
  142. Erick Erickson's suggetion for liberals.
  143. Burglary Victim Calls Thief's Mom
  144. Glee Star Cory Monteith Dead
  145. I always wondered, "Why skittles?"
  146. In case the Martin case wasn't egregious enough for you
  147. Fire in London flats
  148. Important Question about Spam
  149. Nail bomb found outside UK mosque, detonated safely
  150. 2 teens rescue abducted girl.
  151. Whistle-blower in Zimmerman case fired.
  152. Civil Disobedience: Politically Corrected Edition
  153. Kids React to Mixed Race Cheerio's Commercial
  154. Abortion Laws making their way up through the courts
  155. wise people of West Kaua‘i
  156. House of Commons passes Same Sex Marriage Act
  157. One of the experiments in Indian Residential Schools comes to light. . .
  158. The Boston Bomber Gets The Rock Star Treatment
  159. OMG the world is about to end!
  160. Taliban to Malala: No, the reason we shot you is...
  161. Poisoning of free meals in Bihar, India
  162. 12 yo Egyptian boy. Passionate about politics.
  163. It's a slow day in the news. . .
  164. Utah legislator calls for end to compulsory education
  165. Witness in trial of mob boss 'Whitey' Bulger found dead
  166. All I got when I started college was a stupid watch!
  167. The elderly as they once were
  168. Escort arrested after biting man's genitals
  169. To keep her Widdle Diddums out of jail, this bright light torched a Picasso, a Monet, and a Gaugin
  170. Police state?
  171. Eight Held Captive in Houston Home
  172. Teen Survived Asiana Crash, Killed By Firetruck
  173. Norwegian black metaller "Varg" arrested again
  174. NSA Above the Law, Feds Say
  175. Helen Thomas RIP
  176. A question concerning the USA
  177. Wanna know how insignificant we are?
  178. It's a King! Um, eventually.
  179. Drive-thru fine. Ride-thru? Not so much......
  180. On the importance of Nasa.
  181. RIP Dennis Farina
  182. Dubai: Norwegian rape VICTIM pardoned, "free to go" (Trigger Alert)
  183. UK News that Actually Matters
  184. Runaway Bride (at 11 years-old)
  185. Plan B: Skip College
  186. The pathetic legal opinions of Antonin Scalia
  187. Look who's popping up in the news again.
  188. Daycare Teacher Fired After Saving Children
  189. The big money speech circuit
  190. The FedGov Unlocking the Internet
  191. We Have Our Own King!
  192. Oops.
  193. Dozens dead in Spanish train accident
  194. Texas jury: it is A-OK to murder an escort for not sleeping with you
  195. By Their Fruits Shall Ye Know Them: NSA Funding Edition
  196. Justice Department planning to challenge state voter laws
  197. Should Weiner Pull Out?
  198. Alabama Government Agency Holds Prayer Against Abortion, Gay Marriage
  199. San Fran cyclist pleads guilty to felony manslaughter
  200. Seven Surprising Truths about the World
  201. Don't help me ... Please!
  202. Obama: "the lurkers support me in e-mail"
  203. Can I just leave this here?
  204. IRS employee union: We don’t want Obamacare
  205. Crony Capitalism: Bankruptcy Edition
  206. Are soldiers heroes?
  207. RIP: J.J. Cale
  208. Bananas thrown at Italy's first black government minister
  209. This would be my worst nightmare.
  210. The value of art
  211. US exaggerated threat so as to justify "extraordinary rendition" in Italy
  212. Order up: "Proof of principle" for in vitro meat
  213. Climbing the income ladder
  214. Fox News anchor cannot understand unbiased historical research...
  215. Operation Cross Country
  216. The Pope: "Who Am I To Judge Gay People?"
  217. Affordable Healthcare
  218. The dramatic consequences of plant diseases
  219. *Trigger Warning* Campaign to put Jane Austen on UK currency inspires rape and death threats
  220. Howard Dean: Obamacare's Rationing Board is a Terrible Idea That Will Fail
  221. Stupid Motorist Law
  222. *Trigger Warning* Hateful Misogynistic Tirade Aimed at Young Woman
  223. A perfect example of institutional racism
  224. Hard for me to get upset about this execution
  225. Police on Film - One for Zoombie
  226. potential first aid for snake bite
  227. Exposing the new life of a killer
  228. US Embassies to Close Temporarily Due to Security Concerns
  229. 100 "terrorism task force" searches conducted a week--over Google searches?
  230. Sometimes coming in last makes you a winner.
  231. NC's "Moral Monday" Movement
  232. His Divine Noodly Appendage gets equal treatment in Czech Republic
  233. "Circumventing" The Globe
  234. Why I stopped writing about politics
  235. Robots in SPAAAAAACE!
  236. White-washing covers
  237. 4 yr. old boy re-elected mayor
  238. The GOP threatens to take its ball and go home
  239. "Everyone I Know Is Unemployed"
  240. More shreds in the tattering of our Constitutional Rights
  241. Fracking gag orders.
  242. The New Yorker on abuse of Asset Forfeiture laws
  243. I am the shooter.
  244. Middle Class...what is it?
  245. Uganda to small groups privately discussing politics: shut up or we shoot you
  246. Some Xerox photocopiers rewrite documents with different numbers
  247. An Open Letter to David Cameron and the IOC by Stephen Fry
  248. Risky Drugs: Why The FDA Cannot Be Trusted
  249. Honor among thieves.
  250. Montreal police' anti-gang unit's druglord landlord