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  1. Global Cooling
  2. Breaking News: D&D Promotes gang violence in prison
  3. States fight against Sharia Law
  4. For two days the House Pretended to Fail to Keep PA spying powers, but then quietly renewed them.
  5. A world without men -- The Disappearing Male (documentary)
  6. Call for recall of Oregon Governor.
  7. Arianna Huffington: Liberal Icon and Hypocrite.
  8. Shirtless Congressman Resigns
  9. The Sal Giunta Story
  10. Brian Jacques has died
  11. Percentage of strokes in middle-aged and young increasing.
  12. Texas fines students for misbehavior
  13. Mubarak Out, New Puppet In
  14. FAA reporting called into question
  15. How large were the Dec. GOP tax cuts?
  16. So much for kantosho
  17. Britain Faces Closing the Book on Libraries
  18. TL;DR The "Survivor auction as it relates to retirement planning" edition
  19. Belatedly: RIP Sargent Shriver
  20. Family of murder victim opposes killer's execution
  21. I Think Egypt Being Free Deserves A Fresh New Thread
  22. Faux Palin confabulates conservatives
  23. Pepsi can sparks outrage
  24. A small matter of a child being stabbed by another
  25. Man dies while Police told to call 911, 125 feet from ER.
  26. Do-Not-Track-Me-Online Act
  27. Golf Fans: Bill Murray and DA Points have just won at Pebble Beach
  28. Desire for freedom spreads to Algeria
  29. Boy born without a cerebellum or pons
  30. Hoist with their own petard: Food Truck Edition
  31. What Students Learn from Zero Tolerance in Schools
  32. Vt considering law banning fake names for sex offenders on social networks.
  33. Gays get legal right to marry
  34. Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Report available online
  35. Iran clamps down on opposition
  36. Update on the weirdest book in the world
  37. Turn off your auto-correction feature
  38. Yet another imbecilic trademark claim
  39. Italy's prime minister to stand trial in teen sex case
  40. South Dakota to legalize murder of abortionists?
  41. WA State Republican introduces DUI License Plate Bill
  42. Before SkyNet becomes self aware, it must win at Jeopardy
  43. Mother asks UK court to sterilize her mentally disabled daughter.
  44. George Shearing Dies At 91
  45. Teacher banned for spraying asian kids
  46. Our Legal System
  47. Six year-old taken from school to psych ward
  48. Magnetricity in crystals.
  49. Coke's secret formula?
  50. First Acorn, now Planned Parenthood
  51. PA Teacher Complains About Students On Her Blog
  52. Another Great Twitter Moment (appalling, really)
  53. The assault of Lara Logan [title edited for accuracy]
  54. Very slanted political video from Crush the Street
  55. I don't know whether to laugh or cry
  56. Teen + Medical Marijuana Lozenge = No School for You!
  57. "America's Toughest Sheriff" - for Senator?
  58. Go long JP Morgan
  59. The Retirement Age
  60. Defector admits to lying about WMDs in Iraq.
  61. Entertainment technology caucus in U.S. Congress
  62. When Your Political Leaders Make You Ashamed
  63. Is Natalie Munroe the Devil?
  64. The Danger of Apathy: a Gathering Storm. . . .
  65. Wisconsin Senate to vote on anti-union bill
  66. Majority Of GOP Primary Voters Are Birthers
  67. Minnesota governor to raise taxes
  68. 2012 Budget and Grad Students
  69. The world just became a slightly better place
  70. Israeli knesset considers anti-boycott legislation
  71. Officer to students: Don't dress like sluts
  72. Do you follow the happenings in your legislature?
  73. Soldiers open fire on protesters in Bahrain
  74. Shake, Shake, Shake, Shake Djibouti
  75. Alaska pushing anti-abortion license plates
  76. US and Australian bookstore chains go into receivership.
  77. Amendment to remove funding for Net Neutrality.
  78. sustainable level...
  79. Crap my Mom Posts...or Vaccines, Redux.
  80. The Great Arab Revolt
  81. House Votes To Defund Planned Parenthood
  82. UK Government's plans for learning to read
  83. Business bans TSA agents
  84. Trademark lunacy - outrage by greens over trademarking the word "urban" when linked to "homestead"
  85. The gov't is out of money! It's spending money it doesn't have!
  86. Anonymous to Westboro Baptist Church: Repent Sinner or Suffer the Consequences !
  87. Population apocalypse aversion?
  88. We will never run out of anything. God will provide all the resources we need forever.
  89. Is anyone else vaguely creeped out by this? (President's Day trivia)
  90. Programmable Bio-nano-chips: All three of my favorite words in one!
  91. Print me a Stradivarius
  92. Woman arrested for murdering her step-daughter
  93. Mom to judge, "Rot in Hell"
  94. Captured by pirates, Karma's a bitch
  95. Georgia's Bobby Franklin wants police to investigate miscarriages
  96. Christchurch Earthquake Round 2
  97. Earthquake reporting. Why is the USGS not posting the New Zealand quake at their site?
  98. Four American hostages slain by pirates
  99. Jumped a Dime Thread
  100. Vermont Senate votes to change the way electoral votes are cast
  101. Hizzoner, da mayor, Rahm Emanuel
  102. Ind. Restaurant Pulls Billboards with Cult References - And People Consider the "joke" Funny
  103. New smoking bans in NYC
  104. Defense of Marriage Act Going to Court?
  105. Who Said The Royals Have Short Memories?
  106. Healthcare Hotspotting--New Yorker article
  107. Wrestler Refuses to Fight Girl at State
  108. Providence Plans to Pink Slip All Teachers
  109. Less Foudre, more Tonnere
  110. Hawaii Gov Signs Civil Unions Bill
  111. Way to go FBI
  112. An organic, free range treat
  113. Shuttle Discovery launch in two hours
  114. Auto Bailouts Redux
  115. Boycott called for UK census
  116. Fish vs. Man, temp truce.
  117. Emergency: New Pathogen Found in GMO Foods
  118. Innocence Raped [disturbing content]
  119. Governor Walker isn't the bad guy
  120. The art of transporting illegal drugs.
  121. Regarding Global Economy
  122. Gmail accidentally resetting accounts, years of correspondence vanish into the cloud?
  123. How Reliable is the Mainstream Media?
  124. America's last World War I veteran dies at age 110
  125. Did SETI and NASA receive alien signal from Ganymede?
  126. Tea Party: Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss
  127. Custody of son to homeless father, not working mother
  128. US uncut protests
  129. Baja Arizona: 51st state a first-rate idea
  130. The true cost of cutting essential services.
  131. New Hampshire vs the TSA
  132. Today's great quotes:
  133. TSA is Monitoring Twitter
  134. iran says new Olympic logo is racist.
  135. "It's National Eating Disorders Week, so let's talk about it."
  136. One way of getting rid of the homeless
  137. Here Comes Big Brother, or, Tiny Spies
  138. Facebook helps self esteem.
  139. Be Politically Active! Win a FREE Home Inspection!
  140. New Virginia abortion law
  141. Another Republican Presidential hopeful vs. Reality
  142. High Mexican Crop Losses
  143. Bodacious Beltway Bloat
  144. Pope exonerates Jews.
  145. Operation Icarus : Will Anonymous shut down the NYSE
  146. Fetus to testify
  147. Chinese government fear of protesters.
  148. Can Victoria's Secret join in the War on Terror? (Maybe if they make bras into emergency face masks)
  149. Misogyny: the best way to celebrate Women's Day
  150. Is Charlie Sheen Winning?
  151. Wonderful display of coexistance erupts in California
  152. I don't even know if this qualifies as news
  153. Legal minors and prostitution criminalization
  154. ¿Quien Es Mas Macho?
  155. Selective Reporting: RealID Edition
  156. Can Mom and Pops make a comeback?
  157. Tiny pacemaker, big promises!
  158. Anonymous hacks Alcoholics Anonymous website
  159. Death with Dignity
  160. BREAKING NEWS: POSSIBLE Alien fossil found in meteorite
  161. Modly Changes
  162. If Hitler didn't exist, would the Holocaust have happened? [Moved from Story Experts]
  163. The Troubling Incident of the 911 Response for my Dad's HeartAttack.
  164. There are people far worse than Charlie Sheen
  165. Informed Consent
  166. Don't make any plans for 22nd May
  167. What's wrong with Gay Politicians?
  168. Nebraska anti-abortion law has predictable results
  169. Hugs banned in High Schools
  170. What are the Odds?
  171. - NASA should search for evidence of extraterrestrial life
  172. Presunto Culpable is "presumed guilty" by MX gov't
  173. GOP Wants to Deny Voting Rights
  174. Pete King Is The Radical
  175. Federal Reserve is Missing 9 Trillion Dollars.
  176. Newt: "I Cheated For My Country!"
  177. R.I.P. David Broder
  178. Reports of Yemeni military using nerve gas on crowds of protesters
  179. Stand Against Secret Holds
  180. Happy Belated International Women's Day
  181. Wisconsin LIVE
  182. It's official: people are now seriously bracing for (spending money to prepare for) the year 2012
  183. Wisconsin protests spread to Kansas
  184. UK veterinarians pioneer tendon stem cell cure... in humans
  185. A glimpse at rape culture
  186. 60 days of REALLY hard labor for multiple homicides (WARNING: contains links to new graphic pix)
  187. Moderate Saudis gun down Radical Democratic Protesters
  188. Man marries dog
  189. Preemie birth preventive spikes from $10 to $1,500
  190. 9.0 Earthquake and Tsunami Hit Japan
  191. Legalization of Drugs
  192. Michigan bill would impose "financial martial law"
  193. WBC's Phelps doesn't always succeed
  194. A Thread for Bradley Manning
  195. Nuclear powerplants
  196. Libya
  197. Earthquake: Summers v Bastiat Edition
  198. Wife: "Why did you get fired?" Husband: "They didn't like my prescription pain-killers,"
  199. Give a Schizophrenic a Gun!
  200. Move Over, Data, Here's Geminoid DK!
  201. Michelle Bachmann relocates Lexington and Concord to New Hampshire
  202. Who the F Gave the Government Authority Over Time?
  203. Child Killer to get early release for good behavior.
  204. American Muslims Exhausted and Discouraged
  205. RIP Owsley
  206. White House picks its side re: Manning
  207. Protests against Hezbollah in Lebanon
  208. Teacher resigns when student discovers history in porn.
  209. World's youngest grandmother at age 23.
  210. Saudi Arabia sends troops to Bahrain to squash protests
  211. Slippery Slope: Fragrance Edition
  212. Researchers think they've found lost City of Atlantis in a mud flat in Spain
  213. Sarah Palin: "The Al Sharpton of Alaska?"
  214. Confidence in the U.S. System of Government Drops to a 35-Year Low
  215. Spreading the Santorum everywhere
  216. Earthquake hitting Japan is a message from god?
  217. How To Peddle Influence
  218. UK unemployment at 17 year high
  219. News Identification of Child Rape Victims?
  220. Ummm, Mister President ...
  221. Florist says no flowers for same-sex couple
  222. Promoting civil discourse
  223. Buffalo GOP Hopeful Suggests Busing Blacks to Pick Veggies
  224. Bullied kid has enough
  225. Dangerous Womb
  226. New bill would ban discrimination against jobless
  227. UN security council votes to intervene in Libya
  228. Jews Praying Sends Plane into Code Alert
  229. Gay campaign to subvert the parent role
  230. Haiti - after the quake
  231. Separation of oil from sand via liquid salt.
  232. Arby's new TV adds
  233. car review annoys car dealers; dealers demand review be "softened"; car reviewer says "I QUIT!"
  234. Sex bias insurance ruling to hit women
  235. Helen Thomas Shows Her Ass in Playboy
  236. Congressional Democrats vs Obama
  237. Message to Mercury
  238. Sharron Angle: Back with a vengeance
  239. Was Billythrilly created by the US govt? (Psychological warfare not for the US)
  240. What's your State Firearm?
  241. Yet another message from the Almighty
  242. New engine prototype might retire the internal combustion engine
  243. American mega-companies "secretly" making arrangements to co-opt India's water supplies
  244. The Great Arab Revolt II
  245. What do little kids & African Americans have in common? They like minty flavors.
  246. Zoombie appreciation thread
  247. Short Quiz: What type of Politics for You?
  248. Britain's war in Libya
  249. Trump Proclaims; "I SCREWED GADDAFI"
  250. Space-Sickness may lead to Earth-Cures