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  1. Every news report I've ever seen...
  2. Glenn Beck vs. "Social Justice" Churches
  3. Understanding the Middle East Conflict, must see lecture
  4. Happy Friday, March 12
  5. Earmark moratorium and political points
  6. Rove Proud of Waterboarding
  7. Cash-strapped zoo fails to feed eleven tigers
  8. Tax soda, pizza to cut obesity, researchers say
  9. Amazon drops Colorado affiliates after tax legislation
  10. Happy Saturday, March 13
  11. Lesbian sgt. discharged after police tell military
  12. Crude Nanotechnology Breakthroughs Heralds Slick Sci-Fi future
  13. Springer's people only wish they could have found these folks first.
  14. Gay marriage now legal in Mexico City
  15. This befuddles me.
  16. Happy Sunday, March 14
  17. Clarence Thomas' Wife Starts Tea Party Group
  18. Crash caused by driver 'shaving bikini line'
  19. Ladies: Here's on way to ditch that ugly bridesmaid dress
  20. Obama gets high marks for openness
  21. Anyone else think America is a bit pretentious?
  22. RIP Peter Graves
  23. Why centralized control is bad, Education Edition
  24. This is a life goal? Seriously?
  25. Feel the force, Luke...
  26. Harry Reid - Taxation is Voluntary
  27. OH. MY. GOSH!
  28. Caption Me! Messiah Edition
  29. 20th Anniversary of the Unsolved Great Art Theft
  30. Israel Plans New Settlements In Jerusalem
  31. Politicizing school textbooks
  32. The versatility of bacteria could be put to good use.
  33. Should educators be able to write coherently?
  34. Would you give blood in order to vote?
  35. How About Professors Rewriting Textbooks?
  36. UK General Election Thread
  37. New Shakespeare?
  39. I don't know what my Race is
  40. i just completed my census form. ask me anything...
  41. I don't know what MySpace is
  42. Shoot me now! RedState.com editor Erick Erickson will join CNN as a political contrib
  43. Healthcare
  44. New Math, Healthcare Edition
  45. The most interesting obituary I've ever read
  46. Mississippi Interracial Prom...
  47. Ron Paul's Son Makes GOP Nervous.
  48. Look Out, Keynesians
  49. UK Police - New PC Rules
  50. barbarians.
  51. Proposed 28th Amendment
  52. National Speak Like an Elcor Day!
  53. Retired general links Bosnian massacre to gays in military
  54. Poll: Will The Healthcare Bill Pass?
  55. Lol wut?
  56. Two pretty cool sciency-stuff-thingys
  57. The American cable news spectrum -- Opinions?
  58. Bernie Madoff gets his butt kicked by fellow inmates
  59. US citizen admits role in Mumbai attacks
  60. Mythbusters Challenge: Bust Commonly Heard Myths/Urban Legends
  61. Legalize pot to help the economy?
  62. Rally noon Saturday at the Capitol to kill the healthcare bill
  63. ESPN commentator advocates that cyclist should be run over
  64. Walgreens: no new Medicaid patients as of April 16 (in WA)
  65. A Sad Hope Stirs Again
  66. The latest argument for the death penalty
  67. The slow death of the 9-to-5, tethered-to-a-desk workday.
  68. Should people be punished for being rich?
  69. An example of bad politics/good environmentalism.
  70. A force for good or evil?
  71. Protests in Russia
  72. Unintended Consequences - Speed Cam Edition
  73. Are single-mothers a social issue?
  74. Where is the line of absurd environmentalism for you?
  75. Dead Peasants Insurance
  76. Anti-health care bill spit on, call Congressmen the "n" word.
  77. Sandstorms in China
  78. does going green make you mean?
  79. 1984's Big Brother Poll
  80. The AW Pot Poll
  81. The AW Pol Pot
  82. What the Health Care Bill Means to You
  83. Poll: Is this a poll?
  84. The next big debate--Immigration Reform
  85. Harris poll: Republican views of Obama, good stuff
  86. Weirdest Story of the Day
  87. Super-size me, Jesus, through the drive-thru lane of life
  88. Biden drops an F-Bomb at the Ceremony to sign Healthcare bill into law!
  89. Sarah Palin gets gig on the Discovery Channel
  90. If this were April I would think it was a prank
  91. Scott Brown, Super Majorities, Filibusters, Reconcilliation
  92. The smartest Republican
  93. Health Care Reform...Oooops #1...
  94. George W wipes hand on Bill Clinton after shaking hands with Haitians
  95. Rep's brother's gas line slashed - Reaction to Healthcare Bill
  96. Daily Show Destroys Glen Beck :)
  97. And away we go!
  98. A new sort of bailout/stimulus package?
  99. Link to Government Legislation re: Gaza Refugee Resettlement to U.S.
  100. Obama stopped by to ask my opinion on HC reform!
  101. More political violence (and threats of violence)
  102. Seems that Hugo Chavez followed Sean Penn's advice...
  103. The Unintended Consequences of the HRC
  104. Sea Border Clash Between the Koreas
  105. The computer says... no...
  106. Windows broken at Albemarle County GOP headquarters
  107. a little walk down memory lane
  108. Caption Me! Retired Dictators Edition
  109. The Political Convictions Poll
  110. Our children keep us honest...
  111. Don, Haggis and mscelina finally lose it
  112. UK Bishops: - We're not treated specially, so we're discriminated against
  113. The "special relationship" between the US and the UK is apparently now over...
  114. Sarah Palin's March Madness Message.
  115. The end is nigh!
  116. Dozens killed and injured in a terrorist attack in Moscow
  117. Man arrested for threatening to kill Eric Cantor
  118. Nine "Christian Militia" Members Arrested in Michigan
  119. Police investigate threatening call to Rep. Jean Schmidt
  120. Syria, Lybia urge violence against Israel
  121. Michael Steele, Private Jets, and Bondage Clubs?
  122. RNC drops almost $2000 at bondage nightclub
  123. Check out post on Health Care by Author Leslie Banks
  124. Ricky Martin says he is gay
  125. Ante up, kiddos
  126. Marine's father ordered to pay Westboro's court costs
  127. Wearing makeup means you're more likely to be promoted and find a husband?
  128. Some extremely serious questions
  129. Happy Passover
  130. No wormholes appeared and swallowed the earth...
  131. New CIA Report States Iran Is Nuke-Capable Now
  132. ...and now for something completely different...
  133. Erykah Badu's Naked Video: Art or Stunt?
  134. US has a history of opposing social programs vehemently, then later accepting them.
  135. Caption Me! Track Star Edition
  136. Perception of Conspiracy Poll
  137. "The Professor of War"
  138. Let's Reform the Tax Code
  139. CBS Poll on President Obama
  140. ER/The Wire screenwriter dies at 48
  141. Ferrets to deliver Boradband
  142. Goodbye, Google
  143. Canada Buys Half of Hawaii
  144. The Best April Fools' Prank...
  145. Labour's tough new electoral strategy
  146. Google to Leave Australia over Internet Filter
  147. Island of Guam to tip over...
  148. I have a confession! PART DOS
  149. Why no one reads newspapers anymore...
  150. Swiss government paralyzed
  151. I Miss Iraq. I Miss My Gun. I Miss My War.
  152. Google celebrates the 250 b-day of Hans Christian Andersen
  153. Florida doctor warning patients away
  154. Threatening letters sent to 30 governors
  155. Scott Roeder gets life
  156. Buyer's Remorse?
  157. That's So Gay (moved from Roundtable)
  158. Teen cuts off his penis to spite his girlfriend.
  159. Toto, we're not in Ohio anymore
  160. School strikes back at Phelps
  161. MLK Remembrance
  162. Suspended over Promdress
  163. Silence--remember what that was like? Neither do I.
  164. Moving Beyond Politics.
  165. David Frum fired from AEI
  166. UK General Election - May 6
  167. UFO Lands W/10-Foot-Tall Aliens in Jordan!
  168. In the Drug War, Drugs are Winning
  169. The Sobering Truth Behind Unemployment Numbers
  170. Political Music
  171. War crimes? Colateral damage? A mistake?
  172. Virginia celebrates "Confederate History Month?"
  173. FCC decision in network neutrality overturned by U.S. appeals court
  174. What West Virginia gets to celebrate:
  175. Troubled labor looks to federal government for help on pensions
  176. Giant lizard discovered in the Philippines
  177. Kyrgyz Government Toppled
  178. Confirmed: Obama authorizes assassination of U.S. citizen
  179. Alaska alarm clock
  180. This is just plane way cool
  181. 350K court cases now freely available online
  182. The AW Income Tax Poll
  183. Enviropig to the rescue!
  184. Come Fly With Me - Nanny State Edition
  185. RIP Malcolm McLaren
  186. Tea Party sends scary email to MN
  187. Reverend Barbie?
  188. Come fly with me -- laissez-faire free enterprise edition
  189. What essentially sets a nation-state apart is the monopoly on violence
  190. GOP's expensive "office supplies"
  191. Peak oil and alternative energy...
  192. Sex Education vs. Wisconsin
  193. Top 100 Liberal and Conservative Counties
  194. The aftermath: Stupak to retire
  195. If U.S. Europeanizes, Europe Is in Trouble
  196. US Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens to retire
  197. Companies rated on ethics; best to least
  198. Plane carrying Polish president crashes
  199. a website that has too much personal info
  200. YAY! My hometown makes it to the Daily Mail
  201. California's reaction to fuel cell research: "Yes!" then "No!" then "Oh, all right."
  202. A new catch-phrase for us writers to interact with: "A Post-Copenhagen World"
  203. US government, via the EIA, kinda sorta slightly halfway (finally!) admits Peak Oil
  204. Plane safety, Polish presidential plane and others
  205. Stimulus Facts Period 2
  206. The Great Recession of 2011-2012
  207. Threats from the Left?
  208. Why you should reconsider flying on United
  209. The Government Bubble
  210. Do you like your local government?
  211. The Distant Executioner
  212. VAT in the US?
  213. The US Census - Not Made In America?
  214. Happy Birthday, Thomas Jefferson!
  215. Crash the Tea Party
  216. Pornographic magazine for the blind launched
  217. Rice Lake Voters Elect 19-Year-Old Mayor
  218. 8 year old brings stamp bags of heroin to school
  219. Will GOP win in Nov?
  220. Rasmussen: Election 2012: Barack Obama 42%, Ron Paul 41%
  221. Pope to be arrested during UK visit?
  222. Tax Form for Freelance Writers
  223. In Search of Middle Ground. . . . .
  224. A Quick Guide to P&CE Acronyms
  225. Icelandic volcanic ash alert grounds UK flights
  226. Court-Martial for "Birther" Officer
  227. Arlington Cemetery - Section 60 - "A community of remembrance"
  228. Murder
  229. R.I.P. Ben Hooks
  230. Obama grants hospital visitation, power of attorney rights to gay and lesbian couples
  231. NJ cafeteria workers punish food-fighting students
  232. Can you balance the budget?
  233. Charitable giving: Obama does well, Biden does not so well
  234. Fascinating Piece on Slavery
  235. April 19th 2010, Venezuelan Independence Bicentennial
  236. ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement)
  237. Republicans Involved in Politically-Motivated Violence
  238. NBC reporter asks black guy at Tea Party rally....
  239. RIP Robert B. Parker
  240. Does US have a strategy to deal with Iran?
  241. A touch of irony for the beginning of the week.
  242. Dolphins Cast Their Lot with the Chinese
  243. Silken Cybernetics
  244. Neo-Nazi protests and counterprotests in Los Angeles
  245. New Alzheimer Drugs help slow - possibly even reverse - illness
  246. Best and worst St. Paul Tea Party signs
  247. All About Don
  248. Saching Goldman
  249. Regime
  250. Austrian Economics Rising