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  1. Campaign Moment
  2. AP INVESTIGATION: Alaska funded Palin kids' travel
  3. A non-comprehensive arguement against Obama
  4. Zogby Poll - 22% of Americans Believe Secession is a Right
  5. Activist Judges
  6. Obama when nobody's watching
  7. Palin positioning herself for 2012?
  8. Don't think McCain will be using this as a slogan...
  9. Freudian slip (Not safe for work - language)
  10. Breakthrough in Optics Tech.
  11. Okay Then, Which Pres. Was the Best?
  12. I'm taking up a collection to robo-call every political phone number I can find.
  13. Media Coverage
  14. I'm so ashamed!
  15. Police Prepare for Possible Election Day Unrest
  16. Yiykes
  17. The Power of Nightmares - BBC Special
  18. Palin Fun
  19. Separation of Church and State
  20. Palin, on Dancing with the Stars?
  21. And the dance-off!
  22. Anti-McCain attack
  23. Today I unwittingly stumbled upon a reason to loathe McCain
  24. The I Voted Callout Thread
  25. A Two Party System
  26. New McCain Attack Ads
  27. We don't know the truth about Blll Ayers, but Obama's lying.
  28. The Fourth Presidential Debate
  29. New Political Game Site
  30. In the Tradition of Bill Clinton...
  31. Second Life? The online World that will become the new world
  32. Fun with video
  33. Headline news today...
  34. Palin doesn't want to call abortion-clinic bombers "terrorists"
  35. The word "Oops!" is NOT something I want to hear the US Treasury Department blurt out
  36. Social Security
  37. Something To Think About
  38. Bail-Out Banks Offer Billions in Bonuses
  39. Favorite/Least Favorite News Anchors & Pundits
  40. Israel goes to elections
  41. Palin a "Diva"
  42. Voting For Obama Is Like Voting For Two Obamas
  43. Sunday Morning Chuckles: It's possible to produce X-rays from a roll of Scotch Tape
  44. Anchorage Daily newspaper endorses Obama
  45. Jennifer Hudson identified family
  46. The original WASSUP! cast members from 8 years ago have been re-assembled!
  47. Is Pat Condell a racist?
  48. So are we like ... at war with Syria now??
  49. Take the presidential quiz
  50. Newsmax: Obama Refuses to Answer Birth Certificate Lawsuit
  51. Greatest Political Robocall I've Ever Heard
  52. Is the GOP dying?
  53. RIP Tony Hillerman
  54. 8-year-old Boy Shoots Himself at a Gunshow...
  55. Obama: Civil Right Movement Failed to Redistribute Wealth
  56. Israelis favor McCain
  57. Filling the void after 11/4
  58. US Air Strike on Al Quaeda in Syria
  59. Voting for McCain is like voting for...
  60. Banks Not Loaning Money: Bailout Failure
  61. Obama, the Empty Canvas
  62. WMD Supplys: Iraq Actually Had Those
  63. No Free Press with Obama?
  64. Ted Stevens Found Guilty
  65. The Sarah Palin Stripper contest in Vegas (SFW)
  66. Feds Foil Pair of Skinheads' Plot to Kill 88 Black People (oh, and Obama too...)
  67. Changing the Constitution?
  68. 'If The World Could Vote Today' How the World's Citizens Would Cast Their Ballots
  69. Best political comment I've seen in a while
  70. Speaking of nuts on both sides
  71. W: The Best Thing That Ever Happend To Me
  72. Theatres refuse to show "Zack & Miri"
  73. The Fourth Amendment gets conveniently skirted by Homeland Security
  74. 'Dems to vote on 5th November'
  75. little red hen politics
  76. More horror stories about US Health Insurance
  77. Who here supports John McCain? *Something I noticed uring this election cycle)
  78. Posting in Hardcore
  79. PBS:Two programs all should watch
  80. Sausage found in faux soiled diaper at border crossing.
  81. Opals Have Been Found...ON MARS
  82. Al Queda endorses McCain
  83. Synchronized Debating -- A hyper-encapsulation of ALL the debates at once
  84. King Abdullah of Jordan was on.....Star Trek???
  85. ACORN Testimony...
  86. McCain's Hail Mary / Khalidi~~Obama
  87. The phrase "Oh my god! Nine percent!" is the buzz in oil circles today
  88. Welcome to the New Hardcore Hardcases
  89. Barack Obama's Closing Argument
  90. The Power of Propaganda: On This Date in 1938
  91. It's Official! (fuel prices dropping)
  92. Obama: Did off-script remarks doom his campaign?
  93. Fact Checking Obama Ad
  94. Fruit Flies in Paris, France (re: Palin)
  95. The Economist endorses Obama
  96. Obama And Joe (Obama Explains his Tax Plan in Real English)
  97. Time for your electoral predictions:
  98. Anyone read The Ornery American?
  99. Countrywide VIP Program Investigation
  100. Bias in the media? Fair and balanced? Or just a bunch of hooey?
  101. Speech Writer dumps Obama
  102. The Evil of a Two Party System. (Rant.)
  103. The Electoral College
  104. Ted Stevens isn't a convicted felon.
  105. Political junkies prepare for withdrawal
  106. Hip political You Tube video
  107. Not all midwestern Hockey Moms like Sarah Palin
  108. Maybe I can't vote for Obama, after all...
  109. I have a question
  110. Interesting Data from the AP about Undecideds
  111. When In Doubt, Whip Out The Bible
  112. A cop shot and killed an innocent bystander black man in Los Angeles Tuesday AM
  113. Politics and The Arts (on Bloomberg?)
  114. Ooooh, an interesting nuance on the U.S. Senate, that I was unaware of
  115. I support...
  116. Prop-8
  117. Obama's "Illegal" Aunt lives in Public Housing
  118. After the Election
  119. Dumb voting logistics question
  120. Get out and vote already!
  121. Do you believe Obama is a Muslim?
  122. Let's talk realism about the economic plans!
  123. Studs Terkel has passed away
  124. SNL prank calls Palin!
  125. About Ayers as Obama's ghostwriter
  126. Early voting...
  127. Commercials
  128. Obama - Going Green at what cost?
  129. The little old white-lady Obama canvasser in rural NC
  130. Strange Bedfellows - Naomi Wolf & Lew Rockwell?
  131. The CAV - a car that runs on air!
  132. This F'ing Election
  133. Mavric Splellng
  134. Politico - Dems Sketch Obama Staff, Cabinet
  135. a Kiss method of Explanations
  136. Obama's Grandmother Passed away in Honolulu
  137. election fire song
  138. What if.........
  139. The Big 2008 Election Results Watch AW-Style
  140. Campaign Financing
  141. Hell May Have Just Frozen Over
  142. Karl Rove predicts landslide victory for Obama
  143. Erica Jong - "If Obama loses a second american civil war..."
  144. Describe Your Experience At The Polling Place On Election Day
  145. Peter Schiff -- They LAUGHED at him! He predicted the bank collapse and they LAUGHED!
  146. Black Panthers and alleged vote intimidation in PA
  147. Naked Cowboy predicts landslide victory for McCain
  148. "This Election Will Change The World"
  149. I can't vote because I'm Canadian but...
  150. Can political campaign organizers really be this stupid?
  151. A different take on 2008
  152. Election 2008 Drinking Game
  153. Anyone in chicago?
  154. What I Want Tonight
  155. The Great News For Republicans Tonight
  156. It's President Obama!
  157. Don't forget!
  158. Eldritch Wording
  159. Amidst the celebration, still opportunity to worry
  160. The Obama Birth Certificate Discussion (split off)
  161. I wonder how Palin feels this morning?
  162. Other Issues Voted on Yesterday
  163. Schwarzeneggar 2012 Crew Sign in...
  164. NJ Gov Corzine as SecTreas?
  165. Welcome to the Desert of the Real
  166. Beyond Our Shores...Russia eyes Poland again.
  167. Let's discuss CNN's awesome technology...
  168. A Closure in Grant Park: the essay
  169. Can Someone Please Pick Up "Hope and Change" and...
  170. Thoughts the Day After
  171. The Bradley Effect
  172. Is Fox News Serious?
  173. Not Sure What to Make of This One - Proposition 8 overturns May decision
  174. Fox Placed in Charge of Henhouse!
  175. What kind of dog will Obama get?
  176. Libertarianism
  177. Obama's Chief of Staff Announced
  178. Palin and McCain: the knives come out
  179. Iran leader offers Obama landmark congratulations
  180. Election Night Photos of Obama and Family
  181. Change.gov
  182. change.gov & Doing Business
  183. Southpark episode, Obama, McCain, and Patriotism
  184. Scientific assistance for Obama?
  185. Graduate After 10th Grade
  186. Obama's First Press Conference as President-elect
  187. Is Al Gore Going to be in Obama's Cabinet?
  188. Economic Bailout Bill Exceeds $2 Billion Since January
  189. For those who fought and died.....
  190. Lefties in gov't
  191. 8 yr old allegedly murders father
  192. So Is Global Warming Over Now?
  193. Obama - Even More Contributions Wanted
  194. Presidential Cheat Codes (Comic)
  195. The Cost of Medicine in the USA
  196. A running list of the asinine Obama rumors post-election.
  197. The Media and their Incredible Discreditable Statements Thread
  198. Election Triggers Surge in Gun Sales
  199. Obama's New Chief of Staff on Face the Nation
  200. "Election result rekindles card-check debate"
  201. Denied...
  202. Presidential Dogs
  203. GM Begs for Bailout
  204. How do non-diversity people feel about Obama's victory?
  205. So much for one president at a time
  206. Remembrance Sunday / Armistice Day 90th Anniversary (Tuesday)
  207. Seances in the new White House administration
  208. One Mormon's view on Prop 8
  209. First transgender mayor elected
  210. As Goes Iceland...
  211. Change by Executive Order
  212. Amazing set of pics - (feel good thread)
  213. So..are you a lunatic Partisan?
  214. China announces $586 billion stimulus plan
  215. Obama's Campaign Team Interviewed on 60 Minutes
  216. ive heard this rumor floating around...
  217. Catty Insiders
  218. From Whence comes the Octopus?
  219. well by popular demand racial supremecy.
  220. Circuit City Files Bankruptcy?
  221. Dems Target Private Retirement Accounts
  222. Did the US Treasury Department just...you know...like...did they just break the law?
  223. Proposition 8
  224. Hamas says met Obama advisors in Gaza
  225. Weren't they moderates?
  226. Holocaust survivors to Mormons: Stop baptisms of dead Jews
  227. 1984 Update
  228. The Future is Now! The Bionic Eye...
  229. A Bit Much...
  230. Economy Question
  231. November 23, Venezuelan regional elections
  232. Holy court action! Can "Dark Knight" beat Turkish mayor?
  233. Syria blames Israeli bombs for uranium traces
  234. Reparations for Wars in the Gulf
  235. New Green Steel Jobs in Ohio...not for Old Steel Workers
  236. Experts: UK clinics running out of sperm
  237. More Change - Obama softens ban on hiring lobbyists
  238. Serial Killer Arthur Shawcross, Dead at 63
  239. Alaska Senatorial Election
  240. Simply and utterly beyond belief
  241. poisonous poo
  242. Disgusting Hate Crime in my Hometown
  243. My Company is Laying off 12% of us. What are your thoughts on Lay-Offs
  244. A look at Bretton Woods and its role in our current financial crisis
  245. An end to HIV, or not?
  246. Caylee searchers find bags with toys, remains
  247. Economic Terrorism - Is Wall Street within its grasp?
  248. Politics and Science Fiction - Tor's Worlds Without Death or Taxes
  249. King family seeks to cash in on MLK-Obama items
  250. The citizens of New York got punked -- Fake NYTimes hits the street AND the internet