Absolute Write Email Problems

As a side effect of our server move, email sent to or from Absolute Write is currently not functioning. We’re working with our ISP to solve the problem.

In the meantime, if you need to contact MacAllister or have a question or problem using the forums, you can reach Mac by using this address:

macallister4modstuff AT gmail.com

Thanks for your patience.

5 thoughts on “Absolute Write Email Problems”

  1. The home page looks kind of funky or is it just me? I have a light blue background, black letters, books running down the side. Just in the last couple days it looks totally different, lacking its usual graphic spunk. Unless its on purpose, but in case its not …

  2. Nice work on the landing page! I think a bit of space (more than what’s between the first and second book) between the books on the left would be good.

  3. Looking shiny in Chrome. The Facebook badge art is missing on the right side.
    A bit more white space between the books would seem a good idea.

    The FTC compliance statement rocks.

    Thanks, again, folks.

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